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Random and quick for now .  . . the 2015 Janet D makes her way across the Bay.


The 1974 Marjorie B. McAllister  moves its car float float from NJ to NY.


The 1996 Martin Explorer and her barge has been in town at least once before here a little over a half year ago.



And finally, the 2012 Jordan Rose came into the sixth boro for the first time as Evening Star a decade ago. 

Here‘s a post from five years ago when Evening Star was still painted in red and yellow.

All photos this week, WVD.

ACV Enviro provides boom service at IMTT;  this means they use a small boat to deploy and retrieve oil containment precautionary booms around vessels  transferring petroleum products there.  Here and here are examples appearing here previously. I don’t know how long booming has been required– years, I suppose;  it’s not new.

Miss Beth, however, is a new boat.  At least, this is my first time to see her.  My question is . . . what was her previous life?  She looks military.


The photo quality below is not the best, but I hope you find it as interesting as I do:  Left to right, most prominently that’s Martin Explorer and Douglas J., whose livery says Donjon and whose lines are unmistakably those of the former Mediterranean Sea.  Before that, she was Donald CInterestingly, I believe I see the stack of Lilac there too, just forward and above the stack of Douglas J.

Also, this is not a great photo of Annie Moore, a relatively new hull in the boro, given that this Bristol Harbor Group-designed (Or was it designed by TAI Engineers??) workboat was delivered at most a half year ago to work the Statue of Liberty for the National Park Service.   This is my first sighting for this boat. Her namesake is a 17-year-old Irish immigrant, the first person to pass through Ellis Island in early 1892 from steamer Nevada. Click here for more of the Annie Moore immigrant story.

Many thanks to Tony A for catching the Douglas J photo;  all others, WVD.


You know that day after T’giving?  Maybe you call it by another name, whose derivation you might not know.  For me it’s sometimes a good day to keep my eyes open, as was the case back in 2012.

Permute that number to 2021, and it was also a good day to be out, despite the gray leaden sky.  First I saw Candice L. in the sixth boro.  She’s appeared in this blog before, but never in the sixth boro. 


Note the red rings on her black stack?  Clearly she’s fleetmate of Cajun, Liz Alma, Camie, and Delta.  Now I’ve seen the whole fleet.

A bit later Katan caught my attention. 

Note the colors and logo seen here previously on Angelina Autumn.  Also, note the “davits” on either side of the wheelhouse holding knotted line for quick exit from wheelhouse to weather deck, not a common feature of sixth boro regulars. 


Although she carries nameboards for Michelle, AIS shows her as Katan, a name whose origin puzzles me.

She dropped off some barges and went right back out to sea. As of this morning, she’s back in Norfolk.

The vessel that got me out looking to begin with was this one, Martin Explorer, which my associative brain processed incorrectly as Martian Explorer, which would have been an interesting sighting indeed. 

She’s clearly a Candies design of a certain vintage, reminding me of Emma M. Roehrig/Greenland Sea, a former regular in the sixth boro but now possibly done for.  See that same boat here before that as Tecumseh and S/R Providence, out of the notch and showing her lines clearly.

Unfortunately, she went to the anchorage and these are the best photos I’ve gotten of her for now.  Martin Explorer is the first Martin Midstream Partnership vessel I’ve seen. As of this writing Sunday morning, she’s still anchored in the Upper Bay.  For more of the Martin Midstream fleet, I may have to travel south.

All photos, WVD, who’s glad he went out on exotic Friday, a once a year event.

By the way, yesterday I made up some 2022 calendars, of which 24 will be for sale.  I used a subjective process this time.  More details later but if you’re interested, email me your interest and your address.  Send no money at this time, please, but prices will likely be up a tad because, of course, politics. 



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