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Here’s a mystery, a 1919 UK-built tug named G. W. Rogers that sank in Rensselaer in December 1987.  Click on the photo itself to get more info. The mystery is this:  which floating crane raised it and what became of it later?

Next mystery:  what became of the wooden floating drydock that used to be at Caddell’s?  I took this photo of Stephen Scott high and dry before 2009.

Same dry dock, same time frame, different tugboat, Franklin Reinauer. 

Ditto . . . this time Miss New Jersey. 

Again . . .  John B. Caddell

And again . . . the old Kristin Poling, the same wooden floating dry dock.

Hiow about a different dry dock, as seen from shore, but still in a dry dock at Caddell’s.  Question:  which tugboat under rehab might that be?  Answer follows.

And to end this, it’s Mariner III at Caddell’s getting a haul out last summer. 

As of this writing, the 1926 Mariner III is near Palm Beach.

All photos except the top one by WVD.  Top photo by Robert Taylor. 

And the mystery tug is Marjorie B. McAllister.

Question about G. W. Rogers, thanks to tugboathunter.


Retro seems to suit New Yorkers’ palate. Besides the bateaumouche I mentioned in this post, (so-called not because they look like flies, rather the company is based in the Mouche section of Lyons, France) and the ones I abhor from a style perspective, here are some retro ones I like. View A of Mariner III, a 1926 original


View B of same, in her first life known as SueJa III, the 122′ plaything of the owner of a West coast steamship line until she was impressed into military service in WW2.


Valiant, below, has the same fantail steamer design, but is a “modern classic,” built in 2001 and 33′ shorter than Mariner III. Check out other fantail steamers, originals as well as replicas, at this fantastic link.


Even newer, Manhattan is a replica less than two years old.


Bon voyage et appetit.

Photos by Will Van Dorp.

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