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(Double click enlarges.)    Do that and behold ATR-89, once an ATR-1 class rescue tug.  The original ATR-1 was built at Wheeler Shipbuilding Corp. in Queens, NY.  At that link, I’m a fan of ATR- 28 and 76, given their dazzle paint.   I believe the last extant ATR-1 tug afloat sank at her mooring in British Colombia a few years back, and I’ve no idea what has happened since.  Click here for more fotos at the Marine Heritage Society of Vancouver.

ATR-89 later known as Hila launched from Burger Boat in Manitowoc, WI in 1944.  Anyone have fotos from then?

As an indication of deterioration at the site, the foto below taken in May 2010 shows (not far from ATR-89′s starboard side) a prow and hull portion no longer visible 14 months later:  crumbled, disappeared into the silt.  Click here for a list of other ATRs.

Marietta Manufacturing delivered this vessel as LT-653 in June 1944 in Point Pleasant, WV, a yard that closed in 1967.

I wrote about it here last year, including fotos of this vessel as Bloxom, here

eternally (or for the foreseeable future) pushing against the wooden hull of a vessel long unidentifiable.  Is that a rudder post sleeve (not sure of the technical term)  in the foreground?

And here’s sub chaser PC-1264, Bronx-built and a vessel quite important in the racial integration of African-Americans in the US Navy for tasks/training other than galley duty.   Read her history in the link above.    Like Hila and Bloxom, PC-1264 was delivered in 1944.   PC-1264 is less well preserved than PC-1217, from yesterday’s post.  The port side of its bow has been ripped open.  The last time this blog has featured a vessel built in the Consolidated Shipbuilding site (now Roberto Clemente State Park) was here . . . and examined an iceboat.  The link for Roberto Clemente State Park mentions nothing at all about this space usage prior to becoming a park.

Of all the links in this post, this one is probably the most interesting… with fotos

of its service life.    I’d love to hear stories about crew of PC-1264.

Parts from the nefarious ex-PC-1611 were used to restore the only extant sub chaser

of this hull design, Le Forgueux, now a museum vessel in the Netherlands.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who welcomes corrections and additions.

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