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Capt Log used to–maybe still does–transport fuel for the Circle Line.

Her 59 feet of hull dates from 1975. Capt Log‘s captain is profiled in Ben Gibberd’s compelling book. ‘Log was here last year.

Manhasset, pushing lube oil, has 92 feet of hull constructed in 1958.  More on Manhasset later.

Power plant for either or both . . . I’d like to know.

They can get into places larger vessels can’t.

Photos, WVD.

Having gone back repeatedly trying to understand the attraction of the sea in my life, I’ve concluded it’s about the mystery. So much of our planet is a fluid–more like air than dry land–that cannot be visited without special gear and know-how. Huge creations like Manx-flagged British Courtesy above arrive from and depart into (or out to) the sea, as silent as the gull traversing the other fluid kingdom.



What comes forth from the sea on a foggy day sometimes boggles the imagination. Of course, this is ferry Manhasset, but to see this  “stranger-to-these-waters” low-slung vessel emerge from the fog can be unsettling.  Anyone know where it operates?



Plenty of searoom exists for containership Cape Charles between Mary Alice and tanker Ruby, but my eyes conjure up doubt



but then, the arrival of a familiar outline dispels the doubt and malaise. John B. Caddell



aging coastal tanker, featured here repeatedly, returns from the sea again.

Photos, WVD.

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