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The reference here is this post from the last day of 2011.  So the other day I found myself standing in front of the self-proclaimed “tree of knowledge,”  a place that also demanded that there be no smoke.  Tree of KNOWLEDGE!!!  Holy smokes!

It was a cemetery of sorts, a mass grave where over 4000 formerly-smoking steel machines were congregated…

Here’s a photo of more of the tree of knowledge . . . with, I suppose, fruits of wisdom, on some of its branches.

The truly rare are here, fodder for truckster posts to come. Can you identify this and the date of the Studebaker above?

I always go for the low-hanging fruit.

It’s so easy to anthropomorphize vehicles of this era.  As a kid, I saw these machines’ emotions.

By the way, the grove where I took these photos is in NW Georgia, and I’ve posted photos from there once before, but that time I had not noticed the tree of knowledge.

Evidence that this is automobile holy ground?  No shoes.

I had to read this one few times before I got it.

The final trip for this one.

My guesses:  1948 Studebaker,  1938 Mack Jr. delivery van, 1955 H-series International, 1969 GMC P-series Value Van, and 1960 VW Type 2 van.

I’ve got many more from this most recent pilgrimage to the grove.  Let me know if you’re interested in another take in 2018.

Meanwhile, be good decisions and make safe.  I hope I can stay with this program through the next year.  Out with the old . . . out into the honesty of daylight, that is.

All photos here by Will Van Dorp, some of whose previous “old car city” photos can be found in these posts. And a short cut to “old boat bay” photos can be found here.


Well, the boss called and said he wanted an old truck to restore, you know

to make like new.  Great mechanical condition, great paint job . . . you know. I’d love to see this William Walter truck back to its former glory.

The boss was calling me tweeting me at all hours of the clock . . .  “find me a project truck.”    Of course, it was still winter and although I’ve dabbled as truckster and chugster, it’s hard to tell what has promise when you can barely see it.

So I prayed for melt, and then

it snowed again.  Is that a White,

that blue machine under the snow?

Here’s a prospect.  Maybe a 1943 Dodge?


And what might the boss do when I find something that could be great?  Nothing that the Rolling Bones folks have not yet done . . .

Check them out if you’re in Saratoga  . . . or Bonneville. Cockshutt . . . ?  They’re messing with you.

This might be a different path . . .


Here the alleged 1937 White pickup was headed for the Thruway, and yes that is a canal tug in the background.

So maybe what the boss has in mind is a provisions truck?

I could be convinced . . . .

Or maybe this  . . . a box truck . . .

closing in on the border pour les snowbirds??

Maybe a Kamaz?

Well . . . I’m not sure.  He may be a Mack guy.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, except the one directly above credited to Jim Watson, AFP.  Here’s more Jim Watson.

Wait . . . am I in the wrong building and getting an unintended twitter feed?





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