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I won’t dredge up this heavy eloquence of Melville’s “November in the soul,” but I can attest that today I witnessed the cure to “gloomy June.”  And it is:  a hike and a ride around the Upper Bay.  All manner of friendly gestures did their best to bring cheer.  Like Baltic Sea and the two lighthouses, one black/white and the other green/gray.  Oh yes, she was a lighthouse once!


Hornbeck’s Atlantic Service . . . call it a bone in her teeth if you want, but I saw it as sweet fizzy water to a thirsty man.


Sludge tanker Red Hook.  Yeah . . . New Yorkers, every one of us including the Mayor, as fertilizer producers ..  that always makes me chuckle.


Michigan Service, another Hornbeck boat . . . just looks like good energy.


Maas Trader in Red Hook Container Port, shuttling between Brooklyn plus other eastern ports and points on the island of Hispanola.   Maybe someone who was nearer by got a better foto?  No matter . . . I know there was excitement over there that I’ll hear of later.


Peter F. Gellatly, a mere youngster among boats in the Bay.


Potomac not quite two years off the ways . . . . and already immortalized in Bowsprite’s sketchbook.


Jack Newman, a Great Lakes Dock and Dredge boat.  More on Jack Newman and other GLDD vessels and toothy tools tomorrow.


So I fail to understand the mechanisms at play, but this day on the bay –overcast as it was–chased away the “gloomy Junies.” By Saturday I might feel prepared for the mermaid invasion.

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All fotos . . . unfortunately . . . by Will Van Dorp.

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