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Wow!  August almost passed us by without my doing a glance back to a decade ago.  McCrews is now in Philly I’m told.   Reliance and Justine are still with McAllister.  Lynx was sold foreign  and experienced an incident while being delivered, although I’m not sure how that turned out.  Barents and Yankee both were refurbished by Donjon:  Barents Sea is now Atlantic Enterprise and Yankee is now Signet Atlantic and sans upper wheelhouse.   Mark McAllister was scrapped, and Na-Hoku under the same name works for a company  based in Charleston SC.

 Ellen McAllister here was bringing in the future Alex McAllister, which has gone on to spend a lot of time working in the sixth boro, although I’ve not noticed her recently.

Patrice (had just had a tragic delivery fire in this photo)  and Bruce still work based out of the sixth boro.


I never did see Yankee after her upper wheelhouse was removed.  I may have to return to the GOM if I ever want to see her.

Duty is now Nydia P, and I’d have to go to Puerto Rico to see her.

Ireland became Hoppiness, and has been converted to a liveaboard on Lake Ontario but headed the inland waterways of the TVA system.

Labrador Sea is now Vane’s Brooklyn.

And finally, here’s a mixed set:  OSG 350 and OSG Vision still work under those names, Amy Moran became Stasinos John Joseph, and Scotty Sky became a snow bird and sails the Caribbean.

All August 2012, WVD, who after reflecting on all those changes admits to not being the same person as in August 2012 any more either.


On a day in the sixth boro, you’ll see a lot of working boats that’ve been around a while.  These are randomly chosen.  Lynx dates from 1967.

Stephen Dann from 1999.

Weddell Sea from 2007 and Lincoln Sea, 2000.

Joyce D. Brown, 2002.

Buchanan 1 . . .  is she aka Buchanan 10?  If so, 1967.

Marty C, 1981.

Little C, 1988.  She looks somewhat similar to Lil Rip. 

Pearl Coast, looking huge out of the notch, 1978.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

and they skip the sixth boro….  They were in New London some years back and here too . . ., but 2017 has gone from Charleston to Bermuda, and from there to Boston, Quebec City and Halifax . . .   All these photos come compliments of Sean McQuilken…

And in order, it’s Libertad, who once long ago in 1969 called at South Street Seaport, here (and scroll) to deliver some original spars for Wavertree  ,

Oosterschelde, the 99-year-old,

Alexander von Humboldt II,  (the oldster of this set, albeit one with a major reinvention),

El Galeon, whom I first saw in San Juan, 

Spirit of South Carolina


Pride of Baltimore II, and

When and If, who traveled the Erie Canal a few years back to get worked on on Seneca Lake, all great ships . . .  Maybe one of these years, Wavertree and Peking will join in the fun . . . just maybe…  And Peking has its share of adventure awaiting it this summer, with loading anticipated now early in the second week of July.

But I won’t be in Boston, because this weekend is also the mermaid’s conclave . . .  and I head to the heartland and off the grid right after that . . .

Again, many thanks to Sean for these photos.


Jay Michael  comes thanks to Bjoern Kils of NY Media Boat.  I’m not sure why I’ve “deep freezed” these photos since April.



I caught this photo of Lynx leaving for the Commonwealth a few weeks ago.


Notice the curved panel atop the front of the wheelhouse?


It’s an open upper nag station.  Check out the controls.  Ever used?


Her tow had an interesting name for a barge.


Recognize this boat from the mast?



For something really different, here are two clips from youtube.

First, on Chrysler Sea Mules . . . anyone have experience with them?  Are there any restored versions?

And second, on Kettenschleppers, toueurs or chain tugs  . . .  the video is not English but you can get the drift in two minutes or less.  They’re used in long unventilated tunnels which would fill with fumes if combustion engines were used.



Friends have sent two articulating fotos from airplanes .  .  . one in February and the second in March showing parts of the sixth boro.  Imagine the foto below as the face of a clock . . . then the VZ Bridge stretches from one to two o’clock and the eastern end of the KVK extends like a five o’clock ray.  All the ship fotos in today’s post appear in this view.  Note the tank farm in the middle of the foto; that’s the rounded southern tip of Bayonne.  Somewhat indistinct at eleven o’clock is Governors Island, whose


northern tip is visible here at five o’clock.  At the center of this view is the East River, winding its way toward the Long Island Sound. At about nine o’clock, notice the dark rectangle that in late winter is central Park.  Lower Manhattan, at six o’clock is distinguished by the rougher texture creating by light and shadow of dense tall buildings.  The Hudson flows from nine o’clock toward the six.


Yesterday, as I stood in Rosebank with my back to the VZ Bridge, I saw Turkish bulker  Yasa Kaptan Erbil, now headeding up the Hudson.   I wonder who Kaptan Erbil is/was . . . if that’s –as it sounds– a person.


A little closer to Manhattan, it was Basuto, a Stolt-managed Unicorn Shipping of South Africa-owned parcel tanker, whom I last saw in the boro a half year ago.  As of this writing, Basuto still swings on the anchor at the same location.


I believe Yuka here is the first of the Fairchem tankers to appear on this blog.   Tug is Lynx.


Where Yuka was, now berths Sichem Beijing, anchored outside the VZ Bridge on the weekend.  Unnamed USACE vessel on her starboard side and Hoffman Island in the distance.


Yesterday morning this intriguingly named vessel docked just west of Fairchem Yuka.  I’d hoped to get a foto of Atlantic Olive for some time now.  Click here for more info on her, including port history for the past nine months.


And at the salt dock just across the KVK from the tank farms, it’s a fairly new 2012-launched vessel, DongHae Star.


And leapfrogging back across the KVK, it’s another Star, Palawan Star, or


maybe Overseas Palawan Star.


Behold the sixth boro speedy dynamic . . . before it changes.

All fotos, except for the aerials by BS and ST, by Will Van Dorp.

I first used this title a year ago . . . when I caught morning light in December here.    Solstice time for me . . .  I want there to be light, preferably the golden kind outdoors.  These fotos were all taken in less than 90 minutes.  Lynx was southbound,


as was Joan Turecamo, each on the far side of a barge.


Maersk Katarina and Soley-1 awaited on the hook.


Overseas Atalmar did the same, closer to the Staten Island side.


As the sun declined behind Staten’s summit, a last gleam of sunlight did its magic.


A fortunate building in Brooklyn appeared to catch fire as


sun set over beyond the Kills.


Craig Eric Reinauer headed north and


Barbara McAllister slowed up to remake the tow.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp, whose batteries run low in this season when there’s a need for light . . . .  If you’ve never been down at the Battery at sunset this time of year, it’s high time you treat yourself.

I’ve headed into a different part of the sixth boro each of the past three days . . . today was the North River . . .  passenger terminal, since

three cruise ships came in around 0700 hrs . . . Gem and Brilliance, shown here, as well as Caribbean Princess, still outside the Narrows when this screenshot was taken. John J Marchi is a ferry, and I’ve not gotten confirmation it carried passengers.  Anyone ride a Staten Island ferry today?  And as of 1830 hrs, all have again departed.  Notice the icon for Glory Express in the screen grab below?  I believe this is the 2-million-barrel tanker referenced in this article. It’s been outside the Lower Bay for a few days now.

Cruise ship passengers debarking and others boarding in midTown . . . along with closed midTown streets closed because of this bent crane AND

disrupted LIRR and subways . . . made for lots of surly folks, if not a zombie apocalypse then at least an invasion of the cheeriness snatchers.  For outatowners, on a normal day, eachtown listed on this Long Island Railroad schedule board would have several departure times listed.

Jersey City and Hoboken, coastal NJ cities across the river from midTown, have experienced their share of disruption.  Here Catherine Miller delivers a crane barge northbound as a helicopter (National Guard?) flies to the south.

Vicki M moves another barge near the Hoboken ferry terminal, then

as Lynx moves a load of generators, loaders,  and other equipment (not sure what some of  it is),

Vicki M plays mobile thruster there before

moving southward to play same role with Jay Michael.

Overhead . . . might Janet Napolitano be in that chopper?

Many thanks to Tom Rinaldi for sending along this link of ferry Binghamton post-Sandy.  Thanks, Tom.  Check out Tom’s site here.

For an NYTimes-moderated debate on post-Sandy policy, click here.  One of the debaters–Philip Orton, research scientist at Stevens–does the SeaAndSkyNY blog.

Unrelated:  Kirby’s Siberian Sea in Halifax here.

First . . . around the boro, the light is beauteous enough to suspend a sense of time and obligation and stress and disappointment.  This side of the boro, though on duty, works the milder solstice.

Lynx (1967, ex-Catherine Foss, Kainani) probably working with a dredging project, I’ve never seen here before.

Discovery Coast glows.

Nicole Leigh waits orders, as crew might ponder

a different season, as seen here.

In this heat and light, Kimberly looks positively artdeco:  her aqua would blend in on South Beach and way beyond.

Brandywine wrestles the season as she dances her partner DoubleSkin 141.

Quenames broods as she gazes into the stream.

Miriam Moran cruises past Sailors’ Snug Harbor, as purposefully as always.

Jane A. Bouchard races deep into right field, showing what waters can be divided by more than 6000 hp on the wheels, while her older sister

Barbara E. Bouchard dozes briefly in the shadows before moving upriver, where

the venerable Patty Nolan dons her midsummer’s bikini, freshens up her dancing paint . . . the mayor’s drum is soon to call to disorder the 2012 parade . . .  the sixth boro’s shoreline version of Mardi Gras.

OK . . . one final glance for now at Lynx off to the dredge site.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who is solely responsible for any erroneous interpretations of event, signs, and artless ceiling doodles.

Happy summer!!

Unrelated:  If you happen to “see things” when you pass the KVK salt pile on Saturday night, you’re not hallucinating.  Lumen will happen.

For an auspicious virtual gallivant as they sally forth through the Rideau Canal from Lake Ontario to Ottawa and beyond, follow Sally W . . .

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