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On this date in May 2013, I was near Portland OR scanning slides, images Seth Tane had taken decades earlier.  

The images have value in a macro sense, not the small details but rather the extent of change in the past almost 50 years. 

Tomorrow (2023) the fleet comes in.  But what year did LCC-20 come in . . . maybe 1985 or 1986?  It seems she’s still active. I now believe that lightship is the former LV-84.

But there are details here too, like these.  Might these two tugs be what’s more commonly known to me as Christine M. McAllister and H. J. Reinauer?   And look at the crowds!!

Is this the former lightship St. Clair?

Will this former tanker, former crane ship be fodder for underwater archeologists of the 22nd century?

I’d love to see this tugboat today.

What a different skyline!!  The Esso tanker’s been scrapped two decades already. 

Kehoe tugs have appeared here on this blog a few years ago.  Here in this fog, they look every bit to be a fading past.

All photos, thanks to Seth Tane.  Any errors, WVD.

If you’ve got time and inclination and an interest in the comments of a decade ago, click in the links below for that journey back in time to 6 b 5  d   aka sixth boro fifth dimension posts . . . .

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Tugs and pirates… what? Thanks to Tim for this link to a hijacked tug story here. Tim does a blog chronicling his efforts to give second life to a North Sea fishing trawler listed in my blogroll as timzim.



Above it’s a Caddell yard tug called Jay Bee V (built 1969) rafted up with an unidentified repurposed vessel, maybe a former small tanker?



James Turecamo (also built 1969) moves a bargeload of waste paper to the Staten Island Visy recycling plant.



Here’s another shot of a small trawler Lobster Boy stalking some harbor life that may find shelter under Dace Reinauer‘s (1968) fuel barge?



And it’s DonJon Marine’s Mary Alice (1974), rafted up with another DonJon unit with the ersatz Bayonne lighthouse in background. Speaking of DonJon, according to the Spanish mariner blog, new to my blogroll, DonJon’s Atlantic Salvor, built 1977 and pictured here last year, was one of four dispatched to assist in the LNG tanker Catalunya Spirit that recently lost power off Cape Cod, a distant peninsula off greater sixth boro out there.

Ranked by the Tugboat Enthusiasts Society database (See blogroll) according to horsepower, the four tugs pictured are rated at 250–1750, 3600, and 3600, respectively. Atlantic Salvor is rated at 6480.

All images by Will Van Dorp.

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