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Andrew J graced this port I’ve passed many times both by water and highway.  Any guesses where I took this photo?  I watched their July 4 2016 fireworks. Answer follows. That power plant opened in 1950 as well;  it’s shuttered and a plan to repower it from coal to natural gas has fallen through.

Andrew J is a 1950 build, less than 50′ loa. I took a photo of one of Andrew J‘s fleet mates here in 2016, although then West Wind –a boat with a really random history–was working for another company.

Kurt R. Luedtke has been working its way around Lake Ontario this season.  I missed her in Sodus Bay, but

the other day caught her in Fair Haven NY.   Kurt R. has previously appeared on this blog here and here.

Any guesses where Gulf Spray does her work?  I suppose the paint on the light house may be a clue.

Closer up . . .  both these photos come thanks to Justin Zizes.

Gulf Spray, a Nova Scotia 1959 build,  works in Halifax.

And finally, the flags are a clue here.  Spes was built in 1946, and the photo comes thanks to Jan van der Doe.  It’s one of many photos he sent me months ago that I’ve been saving for a rainy–or otherwise distracted– day.

Spes, of course, is a Dutch boat.  These photos were taken in the river town of Dordrecht, where I had gone in 2014 for the steam fest that happens there every other year.

Thanks to Jan and Justin for sharing their photos.

The lead photo here was taken in Dunkirk NY, where I had stopped to look for a fish tug.  No dice on the fish tug, though.




Let’s pick it up in Toledo, OH and the century-old GL tug Mississippi.


“Dieselized” 41 years after its launch, it still steers with a brass tiller in the wheelhouse, as demonstrated here by Captain Stabler.


Keep good paint and in repair, and a 1929 tug like  Nebraska still has lots of life left.  Compare that boat to its terrestrial counterpart, a 1929 Mack truck.


Mighty John III is a 1962 tugboat. The bands in the water distinguish sunlight from shadow in the Maumee silt water.




Sea Eagle II is Louisiana built but now flagged Edmonton, AB.




Pioneerland dates from 1943.


Titan, here in the River Rouge, dates from 1940.


Sheila Kaye is 65′ loa built in 1943.  Was it originally a government boat?


Here in the St. Clair River is a small unit about which I know nothing.  That’s Canada on the far bank.


Karen Andrie dates from 1965.


And finally, from my sister in Frankfort MI, it’s the 1956 Kurt R. Luedtke.


The last photo comes from my sister;  all others by Will Van Dorp.



With many thanks to Tony A for the top two photos . .  it’s possibly the latest arrival in the sixth boro.

And the bottom photo is about as far from the sixth boro as you can get and still be in the Empire State . . . Kurt R. Luedtke, caught here on the Buffalo river . . .  in the great city of Buffalo.


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