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Zee Bart sent some more photos from his vessel taken in December and January.

Orion 4 is a waterboat.  Here’s a translation of the function from the vessel website:  “The [business] Waterboat IJmuiden [pronounced eye MY den]  was founded by Mr. Jan Overvliet and his wife Tante Dien, captain and captain of the steam tugboat s.s. Orion in 1948. With the various steam tugs in the Netherlands, the tugs were regularly supplied with drinking water, which was loaded as ballast into the aft peak. Various potable water boats have emerged from these tugboat companies.”  This vessel, no longer steam powered,  was built in 1942 in Alphen a/d Rijn, NL.  She’s at the dock in Ijmuiden NL

The 2008 233′ x 52′ Vos Base is an anchor-handling supply vessel of a sort that might become more common in the sixth boro–less exotic–as the offshore windfarm industry evolves. Currently she’s at work at a North Sea wind farm.

The 2003 Belgian-flagged Manta has the same function and is slightly larger, 246′ 59′.  She’s currently on the North Sea.


Dutch ports have no shortage of these vessels.  This is the 2013 Kolga, 236′ x 62′. 

Diminished in size by the larger Kolga, the 1998 Fairplay 23 is a Polish-flagged assist tug slightly larger than those in the sixth boro, at 115′ x 36′. 


Isaac Newton, a 2015 build, is classified as an offshore supply ship, with dimensions of 453′ x 105′.  At the moment, Newton is in the South China Sea heading for Donghae ROK. 

Many thanks to Zee Bart for use of these photos.

More photos by taken by Jan Oosterboer showing traffic quite different from what you’d see on our parts of the watery globe.

Let’s start with Matador 3.  With the North Sea as the densest area of the globe for offshore wind turbines, floating cranes like this–with lift capacity of 1800 tons– keep busy.

0aaaaoe1MATADOR 3, Wilhelminahaven, Schiedam, met compressor-0227

And Wei Li . . . self-propelled and with lift capacity of 3000 tons.  Before we move to a different type of vessel, do you remember Pelicano from Guanabara Bay?

0aaaaoe3WEI LI, Wilhelminahaven, Schiedam-0232

Seven Rio is a recent launch . . . deep sea pipe layer.

0aaaaoe2SEVEN RIO, Wiltonhaven, Schiedam-0220

Kolga, the larger tugboat here, is 236′ x 59,’ yet

0aaaaoe4KOLGA en UNION 11-0137

it’s dwarfed by its tow, crane vessel Hermod, with two cranes whose lift capacity surpasses 8000 tons.


K. R. V. E. 61 is a highly visible crew tender.

0aaaaoe6K.R.V.E. 61-0167

Here’s another view of Hermod.


SD Sting Ray (104′ x 39′) is like a mouse at a foot of an elephant here,

0aaaaoe8SD STINGRAY-0874

the elephant being Stena Don, a Stena drill rig.

0aaaaoe9STENA DON-0905

0aaaaoe10STENA DON, zie de poten-0844


Many thanks to Jan Oosterboer for these photos which came via Fred Trooster.

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