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Like most folks’ personal trajectories, mine arcs through unlikely sequences, unpredictable turns.  Before moving here, I lived in coastal northeast Massachusetts and southeast New Hampshire for 15 years.  I might be biased, but modern lobsterboats, I still think, are beauties.  The sixth boro needs a dozen lobsterboats to enhance the diversity of vessels working here; of course, I don’t know what work they would do.

Here are some fotos taken very recently in Portsmouth, New Hampshire,

Gloucester (Choice made with Peter Mello in mind),

Seabrook (I needed to fit a tugboat in here) ,

Seabrook again and

again and


and yet again.

I  just love them.  Some background links here on two places synonymous with wooden square-sterned lobsterboat construction:  Beals Island once and Beals Island again.   A good although slightly dated book is Mike Brown’s The Great Lobster Chase.

Some interesting short videos from GoodMorningGloucester follow:  lobsterman venting about snapping two wooden davits in three days and talking about his new steel replacement.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

One more link:  check out Gloucester’s answer to the Rockerfeller Center Christmas tree, a NYC tradition begun by construction workers back in 1931.

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