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March 2020 has arrived, and when I brushed the cobwebs away from the March 2010 archives, I discovered I took a lot of interesting photos that month, enough to do two posts from the 2010 March set.

Let’s start with the quirky Capt. Log, captained by the friendliest person I know in the sixth boro.  I rode along on the 63′ tanker for this story.

A fleetmate of Stena Perros , Stena Primorsk, is currently anchored off Long Beach NY.  Perros is off Santos Brasil today, 2020.  Ships are designed to travel the largest part of the planet.

Firefighter was still in service 10 years ago;  now it’s a museum in Greenport NY.  After the hauling out in this post, she was repainted in her original white/black colors.

MOL Innovation is escorted in by the indefatigable Ellen McAllister.  At 961′ loa, Innovation is more than 300′ shorter than the largest container ships calling in the sixth boro these days, and I suspect the 1996 build has been scrapped.

Back in 2010, I was not using AIS, but as I drove my car over the VZ Bridge on my way to work one morning, I noticed it entering the boro;  I was very happy that I was driving to work early that day;  I got the photos and still made it to work on time.  THAT is the logic of going to work earlier than necessary, and (almost) always carrying a camera.   Now I’m sorry to report the 1995 Jumbo Spirit is aground in a scrapping yard in Aliağa.

Maersk Wisconsin, a 2000 build, has also been scrapped.   Note the Humvees being transported.

McAllister Brothers is a 1958 Jakobson product;  I believe she’s laid up in the McAllister Staten Island yard.

Eagle Service is now Genesis EagleHorizon Discovery … in the distance, she’s also been scrapped in Texas. Note the different Manhattan skyline, only a decade ago.

More soon.  All photos in March 2010 by WVD, who now needs to wash the cobwebs off.  And since learning that Jumbo Spirit has been scrapped, I decided I need one more glance.

What a treat . . . I spotted Jumbo Spirit less than an hour after sunrise.  Vessel details here, but one striking one is her age  . . .  any guesses?

Built in 1995.   As offspring of Dutch immigrants, I can attest to the fastidious housekeeping and paint that embodies the Dutch character . . . or is a habit of some Dutch characters although (full disclosure) not really one of mine.

But seriously Jumbo Spirit made my day;  I first spotted it gallop in under the VZ Bridge and then hang west into the KVK.  Alley-oop, oop, oop!  It was fast and first I feared it was headed up the Hudson and I’d miss it.

Anyone see it leave?  I’m curious what large load it

took back out to sea with it . . . if it has already left.

Such color it brought to a spring morning, like daffodils.

And it even did a somersault as it headed for the Bayonne Bridge . . . er . . . maybe I did the flip??

In either case, seeing Jumbo tromp in ensured that nothing could get me down that morning.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Oh … here’s some info on the origin of this non-AngloSaxon word in English.  Guess?

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