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means “jumbovision”  or “not everything fits inside a steel box.” Jeff Anzevino took the fotos in Poughkeepsie last Saturday, and  coincidentally Bowsprite became intrigued with her some hours later as the jumboship passed through a dark sixth boro bound for sea.  Bowsprite’s watercolor renders her conceptually, whereas Jeff’s fotos caught her naked deckload.   As a further coincidence, I’d caught fotos of Fairload 50 days earlier in Charleston.  Below, Fairload rushes through the ice as it approaches Walkway over the Hudson.

Believe it or not, Fairload belongs to the smallest class of Jumbo vessels.    Errors loading such enormous loads can be catastrophic, as happened in Albany in 2003 with Stellemare .   Check out these fotos of a single 130-ton piece aboard Fairload.

Cargo on the weather deck of Fairload last week included the 146-foot yacht Danadia.   Anyone know the destination?

By midnight, Fairload will be under and south of  the Verrazano.

Thanks to Jeff Anzevino for these shots.  Bravo to Bowsprite for her lovely rendering.

Here’s a vessel-carrying vessel I caught from the Walkway a year and a half ago.

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