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Daylight hours are getting very short, reiterating summer 2019 is no more, but I’ve still got photos left from gallivants of warmer and brighter days this year, like this one of a

downbound Thunder Bay passing Rock Island Light, once legitimately tended by an erstwhile pirate William Johnston.


Later as we continued towards Lake Onrario, we followed Atlantic Huron, an ore boat we seem to have encountered frequently this season, here leaving Carleton Island to port and

Wolfe to starboard.

Soon after passing Tibbetts Point Light, we entered the NE corner of

Ontario.  By the way, the hostel beds previously available at Tibbetts Light will soon be no more.

And as Atlantic Huron disappeared in the distance, we passed John D. Leitch,

passing the light at Charity Shoal, a light over an impact crater.

I love that steering pole.


Then Leitch entered the funnel, leaving Wolfe Island to port and downbound waters become the Saint Lawrence.

All photos from a few warmer months back by Will Van Dorp.




Now and then I see something that intrigues me more than a routine amount.  This lighthouse looked to have been bombed.  It turns out . . . it had!  Waugoshance Light was used for bombing practice during WW2.  The light is at the west end of Wilderness State Park, home to wolves and bears.

Farther west is White Shoal Light.  At one time, lightships marked Grays Reef Passage.

Overtaking us was   . . .  name it?  . . .

John J. Boland. 

While Boland heads for the Soo, John D. Leitch headed west and then south.

Leitch is six years older than Boland, and although 50′ longer, she has the same capacity as Boland.




All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Daylight on leg 10 saw us near the Ontario, Ohio, and Michigan border, where we met GL Ostrander pushing Integrity.


We pass the abandoned amusement park at Bois Blanc,


Canadian Coast Guard’s Caribou Isle,


and ferry Ste. Claire moving cars between the Amherstburg, ON and Bob-lo “island marina community.”


Here’s the channel looking south.


Furuholmen heads north to Sarnia,


and our vessel’s twin, Grande Caribe, meets up in Wyandotte.




Meanwhile traffic continues down bound–like Sam Laud and John D. Leitch.




This post closes out with a regular down in the sixth boro . . . Calusa Coast pushing Delaware.


All photos by Will Van Dorp.



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