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Many thanks to Tony for keeping me current on vessels in the boro.  Most of these are transients, like Capt Richard of Norfolk Dredging.  Other equipment of the dredging

company was towed through in recent months as well, likely returning from a dredging project somewhere.

Stadt Amsterdam was in town, in fact at Pier 17, about a month ago.  From the sixth boro she headed east, with her itinerary listed here.  Pier 17 is also where I caught Capitán Miranda–after being tipped off by Tony.  Danmark was there too as well as the vessels of the beer run. Has any beer been delivered there by boat since?

With LCS Cleveland just launched with a splash and a douse over in Marinette, USS Cooperstown was recently commissioned in a location relatively close to  . . . Cooperstown.. I believe she overwintered in Escanaba, where we we welcomed recently as the first passenger vessel to call since the Americans.

Hidden away, Tony caught Rachel Marie and more.  Here’s a blast from the way past featuring her exploits tugging on whole islands!

Shelby Rose may be a fleet mate.

Jimmy, recently spoiled by spa treatment, stands forward of a whole line of boats and countless stories.

Mr Connor was ashore getting spiffy.


I’ve often seen Manhasset Bay on AIS, but thanks to Tony, here’s

my first time to see her in the boro.

And rounding things out, behold Joanne Marie, following her makeover after I got these photos over her coming into town the other month . . .  wow!! that was February.  Time does pass quickly!

Much appreciation to Tony A for keeping an eye on sixth boro traffic while I get lost elsewhere.

Quick . . . name that unit?


The Patsy Paulie?

Name the unit yet?

The Patsy Paulie is the old B. No. 280, pushed here by the old Rhea I. Bouchard, now The Beatrice.  I’m sure there’s a story, and I know that I don’t know it.

And thanks to Birk Thomas, behold the new livery, paint and name on the old Guilford Courthouse, last seen on tugster here about six long weeks ago.

Thanks to Birk for use of the photo;  all others and any errors, WVD.

Click here for previous installments in this series.



See the name on the life ring?

This new arrival steamed along the East River just in time to make the posting deadline.  Recognize it?


It’s so newly named the name plate has not yet caught up.  Some hints?  She was built by American Boiler Works in Erie PA in 1956–and completed at Matton Shipyard on the Hudson– as ST-2118 aka Guilford Courthouse.  I believe the veteran tug wore gray until 2001.

So where does Joanne Marie come in?

She’s a new Stasinos boat, and will soon be looking great in their livery, which coincidentally 

she seems to already partly wear. 

All photos, any errors, WVD.  Welcome, Joanne Marie.

For a page on Birk’s database I’d not discovered until today, check out this long list of veteran tugs.

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