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I’d never seen this unnamed yellow tug, eastbound on East River, before just over a week ago, unless the yellow covers some familiar red or green. Can anyone Identify it?

More that happened by . . . Yemitzis, 1954, out of Staten Island, up close and Maryland, 1962, also out of Staten Island farther off.

Harry McNeal, 1965, out of Perth Amboy, I don’t recall seeing before either . . .

Sea Wolf, 1982, New York, sibling of Sea Lion pictured here though you need to scroll past mermaids and serpents. (Oh, yes about 40 days away!!)

Vivian L. Roehrig, 1961, Glen Cove, NY, also ex-Peter M. and H. D. Campbell.

Jenny Anne, 1958, out of Hoboken, with an incomparable paint scheme and shifts in identity, ex-Buras Lady, Harbor Lights, John O Seahorse, Gaby Lynn Gisclair.

And nary a red or green or red & green in the lot. Let me end with a question also: what has become of Hackensack, pictured below at the 2006 NYC tugboat race? Don’t tell me it’s now red/green?

Photos, WVD.

Small indie tugs need character maybe? Can you beat the color of Jenny Anne and Hubert Bays? Do you suppose fashion designers seek inspiration here?



Donjon’s Thomas D. Witte sports the best ice-blue under a wintry sky.



Coral Sea and



Barents Sea project exotic shapes to match their names against a monochomatic Staten Island and Bergen Point. That’s the west pylon of Verrazano upper left, 600+ feet high over the north ridge of Staten Island. More on the bridge soon.


Odin, Sakura Express, Kimberly Turecamo (right to left) eastward toward night movements.



All photos by Will Van Dorp

So I’m just speculating. I’ve not noticed the tug below before this summer, and I could be wrong, but what do the colors remind you of?


It’s coming from Erie Basin . . . Jenny Anne.


Erie Basin also contains these cranes, vestige of the Todd Shipyard graving dock. Notice their color.


We all know the box store going up over there. Know what their colors are?


Might Ikea containers travel directly from whatever NYC container facility to the store? That at least would be interesting and take trucks off the road system.  But I’m just speculating.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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