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Several times I’ve used the title “from the line locker” for days too many ideas wanted to crowd themselves into the blog at once. To keep things new, let me now call this “trawl blog,” as in what a trawl net hauled up from a few minutes at the bottom of the harbor might yield, e.g., mussels, a puffer fish, a “white fish,” bits of seaweed, a Spanish dollar, a sea horse or two, etc. Well, some of those, and not that I’m a fan of trawling. So let’s unpack the cod end of my foto net.



Truckable tug Jayne Davis, above, pushes a barge with a clamshell back to the Brooklyn bank.



Buchanan 10 strings a bevy of barges on the hawser.



East River regular, aka diamondback terrapin, goes under cover. And no! this submerged terrapin has no affiliation, national security or otherwise, with a replica of a “turtle submarine” catching some Red Hook attention today. See going coastal’s story here for a great foto of the “turtle.”  Here’s a flickr foto set.



Migratory mourning dove rests on a bobstay above a safety net and oblivious to the cartoonish blue figure behind it.



Castle William, erstwhile military installation on Governor’s Island, serves as shade for nature painters.



And what vessel is this whose deck will serve as stage for an opera in . . . only a month!! Volunteers aka vollies are needed to get this space shipshape… er, ready for Il Tabarro. Email Carolina at PortsideNewYork if you can put in a few fun fantastic hours this coming Sunday afternoon or any Sunday afternoons this month. I’ll be there.

The heat has taxed my brain and the only commonality these fotos have is the cameras of Will Van Dorp. Sorry if this really rambling string culminates like a “Burma Shave” series. Anyone recall those? I hate billboards generally, but Burma Shave had a good gimmick.

Postscript: Let’s do a group gallery for the US Labor Day happening in about a month. If you’re so inclined, email me a foto depicting anyone laboring on the water anywhere. (Medium quality jpegs 500 pixels on their longest side preferred; include a brief description of the labor, laborer, or labored upon; also, tell me how to phrase the foto credit. This post might exemplify the foto subject material. It’d be great if you could get a “you gotta know somebody” type foto such as these on Fred’s blog.)

Just an idea to promote blogging; lurking is acceptable too.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Underestimate C & J Marine’s Jayne Davis at your own peril: twin Cats delivering a total of 630 hp can push a respectable load.



Also eastbound the same morning on the East River near the Brooklyn side was Annie G II, shorter by two feet and less beamy than Jayne Davis.



At work on the Hackensack, Christy Anne was recently attached to a barge carrying this blue machine with a pithy name. Here’s some shots from Tug44, currently lost somewhere in upstate waters.



I can’t pass on this:  that yellow machine on the spud barge moved by the tug… I guess that’s a tuggable truck.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.



Of course, truckable pushboats aren’t the same as mini-tugs, which are truckable too, pickup truckable even.



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