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Onward we go, even if I’ve lagged a bit behind our actual wake.  I’ll reprise this account to fill in after I’m back on shore and enjoying fast  . . . everything.  It was after 2000 that we passed the water intake on Wednesday.

Ten minutes later the sun touched the waters to the west.

Nine hours later we passed this McKeil tanker as we were upbound in the approach to the Detroit River. 

The new Gordie Howe Bridge rises high about Zug Island steel works.

A bit blurred because I had to shoot through a port light . . . it’s Tenacious, a 1960-built veteran.

Later I caught Gott, Edwin H. down bound on the Detroit River. 

As I watched, the crewman lowered a bucket to crew on M S Westcott, exchanging mail or maybe Grey Poupon.

As darkness overcame us again, Iver Bright passed down bound.

The following sunrise found us on a track paralleling the US/CA border, well east of down bound traffic.

American Mariner greeted us as we approached our destination, Mackinac.


Welcome, back.

All photos, minimal commentary as I write this from Lake Michigan, WVD.

This post covers the St. Clair River (in the wee hours) and down to Detroit.  If it seems that it’s just a chronological series of photos of the voyage, well . . . yes, that’s what it is, and what’s wrong with that.

Can you identify the vessel that we passed between 0415 and 0430?  I’ll give the answer at the end of the post.

We followed Kaye E. Barker into the sixth Great Lakes. . .

Partway across, we both passed Atlantic Huron.


Just south of Belle Isle, we saw Bristol Bay with her barge and

still farther, Cheyenne light.

Federal Seto was moored near the Boblo-marked building, and

The last two boats for this post are Iver Bright and

Patricia Hoey.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

The mystery vessel was Paul R. Tregurtha.




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