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Tugster does not strive to be a “shipping news” site, but each time I walk or ride my beat, I DO keep an watchful eye for change, novelty, well . . . new sights.  Certainly this was true yesterday:   let’s start with the orange vessel to your left.  You’ve seen the colors before, but is that a “hole through the stern above deck”?

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a bit more of Swan in the next few days.  And I trust lessons have been learned from last spring’s Blue Marlin saga.

So Beaufort Sea has begun its Kirbyfication.  As has Norwegian Sea, but I was too far off to get a good foto.

Resolute‘s foredeck seemed to be carrying a lot more than deckhands yesterday.  And is that a movie camera?  And what were they all looking at?

How about this unusual equipment on Ellen?  Is MOL Earnest that tough a customer?

Iron Eagle is not new to the harbor, but the Conti name is . . . at least to me.

Rosemary Miller?  New too.  I wonder what has become of Sorenson Miller.

With spring comes the sailing season, and America 2.0 . . .  I last saw closeup  here last fall.

And one last “newby” I was lucky to catch yesterday was Mark Moran, headed south to  .  . who knows where?    Mark‘s so new that even on Birk and Harold’s excellent site, there’s only a drawing of her.

Followup on lots of these soon.   All fotos taken yesterday by Will Van Dorp.

For the news from the Narrows between Detroit (which means “the narrows” in French) and Windsor, click here for Isaac’s site and some great fotos from Wade.  The surprise there for me was Zeus, who worked the sixth boro a bit a few years back.  Also, there are more shots of DonJon’s huge Great Lakes ATB unit.

Also, of course please vote for tug Pegasus and Lehigh Valley 79.   The fact that they’re not in the top few places should NOT be a reason to give up;  we have a daily vote until the 21st.

Fjorder, a yachtsperson on the sixth boro who came close enough in the ferry contest to get an invite to post the next puzzler, came up with this obscure one: name the harbor/wateryburb below. Some clues: that’s a sea otter in mid-foto and this harbor is frequently dredged, visited by sea lions, and near a national wildlife refuge. Name that harbor–or bay.



Sea otters, Enhydra lutris nereis, Fjorder says, make industrious feeding noise cracking open shellfish by banging them together.

New York harbor environs, although not pristine, enjoy a coexistence of humans and non-humans depicted in previous posts.



Gulls belong to genus larus. I’m guessing this specimen guiding APL Brazil under the Bayonne might be the rare Larus pilotus newarkus, a variety known to live symbiotically with humans, assisting mariners through shipping lanes and channels. Suppose that APL logo on the bow is another Larus variety?



Above a member of the eagle family, possibly Haliaeetus ferus brooklynesis, also somewhat rare.



With a legendary nose for sweetness and rarest of all are the otaridae, this one being Otarus dominosis williamsburgus, metallic-skinned cousin of the one that frolicks in the mystery harbor above.



By the way, the Larus pilotus maybe sub-species newarkus must be quite high on the avian socio-economic scale, given habitat such as this wired multistory luxury waterfront dolphin-condo. What programming might enthrall this L. pilotus?

Except fjorder’s, photos by WVD.

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