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Growing up in a beautiful rural place, I never imagined some day living in the largest megalopolis on the US.  But here we are; I live in a concentration with over 50 million others.  That many people and consumers together has implications.  Click on the map to see source.

Here’s how a plethora of goods comes in . . . .

Ten years ago, single vessels this large never transited the sixth boro…

Just yesterday, no fewer than three of these ULCS found themselves in port, and they’ll soon push today’s limits.

So I have my own word for them:  megaboxforus.  Megaboxforuses . . . could be the plural.




And they change hands . . . Edison not long ago was Maersk Edison.  Maersk possibly traded in a 1200′ for a 1300′.

See the paint outs?


This morning Cosco Shipping Peony–the first of its class–arrived just before adequate light for photos.  I hope some one gets photos during its first sixth boro stay.

And once the boxes leave the ULCS, they go into the hinterland on steel rails or–less efficiently–on a single chassis pulled by a tractor.

These statistics are quickly becoming obsolete.

All photos and sentiments by Will Van Dorp.



Big sky and small ship?  Actually it’s among the largest ships currently serving NYC, at 1063′ loa, or almost 2.81 times loa of Peking and 3.3 times the beam.


Actually, Hyundai Jupiter is the first of HMM’s “Earth-series” that I’ve gotten any sort of photo of.  My recent attempt of Hyundai Pluto was lost in the snowstorm a few weeks back.  As of this writing, Pluto is off western US, Mars is off western Mexico, Saturn … off western Korea, Neptune … traversing Tsugaru Straits, and Hyundai Earth … between Madagascar and Cape of Good Hope.


She’s among the biggest in the port, 1062′ x 155.’




Other ships calling recently include Bow Jubail, here assisted by


Turecamo Girls.  By the way, did you even notice the assist tugs on Hyundai Jupiter above?


Shrike loaded scrap,


APL Yangshan and Hamburg Sud Monte Rosa transfer boxes, and


Polaris waits at anchor.


To return here to the tugs visible on the Hyundai ship, they were Robert E.  and Erin.




Invisible but assisting on the starboard side was Ellen.  And as of this writing Hyundai Jupiter has tied up in Norfolk, doing a steady almost-20 its much of the way.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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