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The hat here is not misplaced.  On the job here

a pilot guiding

Histria Coral through the Canal.    She’s less than half an hour ahead of Cap Palmerston

in the adjacent chamber.

Canal employees (v. vessel crew) can be identified here by their

blue uniforms.

Histria Coral is a six-year-old vessel, built in Romania.

Note the plants in the wheel house, sunshade over the bridge wings,

and color-coded manifold.

Ship’s officers?

Once this chamber empties, Histria Coral will be in Pacific waters.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

A few postscripts:

like . . . fotos from the perspective of a Panama Canal pilot, click here.

Ms Pilot, a Panama Canal hawsepiper

and an incomplete tolls caclulator . . . here

“A cargo ship” I recently heard someone say, referring to a vessel in the harbor. That’s correct, but we each choose to fields to use generic terms about. Mine happens not to be cargo ships, though that’s specific in its own way.



Seeing this lightering take place in Gravesend Bay, I wanted the usual specifics. By the way, notice the Coney Island parachute jump just off the bow. This blogger’s joy derives from these details as well as the mere sight of a blue hull and red deck.



Histria Coral (scroll to page eight) comes not from the shipyards of Japan, Korea, or China. Croatia? Instead, about a year ago off the ways into the Black Sea at Constanta, Romania. Who woulda thought! In Lower New York Bay! And a peruse of Constanta and its environs–I imagined the mouth of the Danube, erroneously–apprised me of a recent canal dug with some notoriety.

By the way, next time I refer in a generic way to something you care about, let me know. Instruct me. you know who you are. Yes, you of course.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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