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A few days ago I stumbled into a rabbit hole and enjoyed it down there.  I won’t stay in 2008 for too long, but evolution I found in the ship department intrigued me, change change change. It also made concrete the reality of the scrapyards in  the less-touristed ocean-margins of the globe. Take Orange Star;  she’s scrapped now and another Orange Star delivers our juice.  But what a beauty this juice tanker is,

with lines that would look sweet on a yacht. Laura K has been reassigned to another port.  This  Orange Star was cut up in Alang in October 2010.

Ditto Saudi Tabuk.  She went for scrap in November 2013.  The tug on her bow is Catherine Turecamo, now operating on the Great Lakes as John Marshall.

Sea Venture was scrapped in January 2011.

Hammurabi sold for scrap in spring 2012.   She arrived in Alang as Hummura in the first week of summer 2012.

Some D-class Evergreen vessels have been scrapped, but Ever Diamond is still at work.  Comparing the two classes,  the Ls are 135′ longer and 46′ wider.

Stena Poseidon is now Canadian flagged as the much-drabber Espada Desgagnes, which I spotted on  the St. Lawrence last fall.   Donald C, lightening here, became Mediterranean Sea and is currently laid up.

And let’s end this retrospect with a tug, then Hornbeck’s Brooklyn Service and now just plain Brooklyn.  She’s been around the block a bit, and I’ll put in a link here if you want a circuitous tour. I caught her in Baltimore last spring in her current livery.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who wonders what the waterscape will look like in 2028, if I’m around to see it.

I’d never heard that word before today on a radio show.  But here’s evidence that it exists, although I know some folks bad-mouth wikipedia.  So . .  if you hear the Creedence Clearwater line as “there’s a bathroom on the right” instead of “… a bad moon on the rise…”  or misconstrue some explicit words in “Louie Lou-eye,” then you understand a mondegreen.  So while nursing a thermos of coffee over along KVK today, I thought I heard reference on VHF  to an inbound container vessel called “Emirati.”


And then it came around the bend, a black hull delivering trinkets and essentials for Black Friday,  escorted by Gramma Lee T Moran,  with Solomon Sea as opposing traffic.


and then I heard traffic on the radio again referring to the vessel as “ham… (long hesitation)   berry, ”


Hamberry?  It’s starting to sound like a parody of a Thanksgiving menu.    “Have a slice of hamberry pie with that borrel, auntie johanna?”


It’s spelled out clearly right there from left to right and then from right to left.  Hammurabi.


Mr. Lawmaker, the original “eye-for-an-eye” guy.  In his ancient code book, I’ll bet there’s a a stiff consequence for mangling his name.  No mondegreens when you’re talking about Mr Ham Berry.  Or was that Danbury?

Happy Thanksgiving where ever you might be.  I might do some blog “cold turkey” a day or so.

Unrelated:  Check out a new blog on my blogroll:  piratebook.

Funrelated passed along from Mage:  Is it Stan, Buy Me ?  It doesn’t matter… just dance.

Photos, WVD.

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