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Chain link fence topped by accordion razor wire coils stand exposed only after a solid steel door is raised and an even heavier drawbridge lowered . . .   what is this?

And what lurks toothily below in the moat that’s most certainly there?

Salish Sea water, of course.  Many thanks to John Van Staalduinen who snapped these fotos at the port in Tacoma.  Both vessels were launched in Bath, ME in 1976.

Unrelated . . .  Grande Marocco left not quite a week ago for  . . . Dakar.  With all those cars up on the top splash deck (monkey deck??), I’m left wondering  . .  among other things . .

about a North American portion to a Dakar Rally.  I know some people who would welcome the addition of a North American component to that race.

I’m wondering what Grimaldi ships to places like Cotonou and Banjul in West Africa.

Graphics on ships . . .  if Charles Fazzino has been designated official artist of OpSail NY 2012, I wonder if we can expect designs like these on tall ships in less than a month . ..   How did he get chosen?  By whom?  To what end?  Who else was considered?

And one more from the north coast by Michigan Exposures . . . who might be planning a foray into the sixth boro . . . it’s Arthur  M. Anderson.  If Titanic had its Carpathia, then Edmund Fitzgerald had its Arthur . . . unfortunately too late.  I love the mild-dazzle paint on these vessels.  Arthur is a product of the American Ship Building Company yard in Lorain, OH . . . another manufacturing center transformed into  . .  housing.   If you don’t know the Lightfoot Fitzgerald song, here’s the link.   Otherwise, check out this supremely moody foto of a laker.

Thanks to John, John, and Ken for these fotos.  There are even two here by me.

I saw this vessel tonight as I drove home from work, drove exuberantly into spring break 2012.  I’m through with cubicles and classrooms for a while.  But seeing the “boxaceous” stern of Grande Morocco from the Goethals Bridge gives one pause.  Said stern is supremely boxy, quite different from the bow, here

bathed in first morning light.

These fotos were taken before seven a.m. Thursday.  Click here for a partial cutaway of that stern.  As of Friday morning, fleetmates of this class Grande Gabon has recently left Ghana, and Grande Guinea (good view of the stern here)  has passed Cape Verde on its way to Senegal.

From here, she goes to the Gambia, Senegal, Cote d”Ivoire, Guinea . . . oh! I’d love to travel along, even if it goes nowhere near Morocco.   Surely, there’s some role I could play.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Do I sound like a victim of wanderlust?

Unrelated . . . or maybe not: Warren Zevon’s  Roland the headless gunner.

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