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Clearly, we robots messed up.  To make amends, here’s some info pasted in:

GENERAL RUDDER (IMO: 8835463) is a Training Ship that was built in 1984 and is sailing under the flag of USA.
Her current draught is reported to be 4.5 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 68.28 meters and her width is 13.11 meters.
Here’s more on Texas A & M’s training ship. 

BERTO L MILLER (IMO: 8964850) is a Offshore Supply Ship that was built in 1999 and is sailing under the flag of USA.
Her current draught is reported to be 3.1 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 49.71 meters and her width is 13.41 meters.
Here’s more the the Miller’s Launch OSV fleet. 

GO AMERICA (IMO: 8968181) is a Offshore Supply Ship that was built in 2001 and is sailing under the flag of USA.
Her current draught is reported to be 3 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 44.35 meters and her width is 10.97 meters.

Here’s more on the Guice Offshore (GO) fleet. 


Many thanks for all photos to Pete Ludlow.  Tugster might pull our plugs and drain our batteries for our failing to fill in the info yesterday.



Credits at the bottom . . . I took none of these photos.

Above and below . . . CMA CGM Jules Verne is the second 16k + teu vessel to call in the sixth boro.  She arrived at night and she departed at night.  Another interesting feature of this Explorer-class CMA CGM vessel is that not only is Jules Verne NOT an explorer per se, but the vessel first bore the name of a true explorer who is little-known in the Western world, Zheng He.     More about him at the end of this post.

Maersk Edinburgh is a big ship at 13k + teu, but Jules Verne caries three more stacks of containers.

Monty Python!@#!? 

General Rudder is the training ship of Texas A&M, and it’s in and around the sixth boro these days while the Texans borrow Empire State VI. Kennedy.  The vessel is named for a General whose last name was Rudder and who graduated from and later (after many other accomplishments became president of Texas A & M.  

Justin Zizes caught this photo of General Rudder as he met it sailing toward the Williamsburg Bridge

And finally a few great names from eastriver . . .  The Black Belt,

Yoga, and

You & Island. 

Photos thanks to Skip Mildrum, Justin Zizes, and eastriver.

Finally, I mentioned Zheng He:  he was a great explorer of the Indian Ocean, sailing seven voyages with hundreds of ships, tens of thousands of sailors.   The treasure ships were junk-rigged and over 400′ long.  So, divorced from politics, CMA CGM Zheng He would be an appropriate name, but someone objected.

And tangentially related . . .   two NAMELESS automated sailing fish census takers . . . a no-brainer considering how much any noise scares fish.


I wonder what the forgiveness factor for ice-against-hull here is.  Bravest surely was pretty in our maybe soon-to-end Puerto Parcialmente Blanco.



RB 45605 was the fifth in this series, which is numbered consecutively and now up to 45774.


Must precautions be taken with these hulls during ice season?


And finally . . . off the stern of Bering Sea yesterday it’s the current Kings Pointer.  This Kings Pointer started life as a solid rocket booster recovery vessel for NASA.


Click here for another photo of this vessel in NASA colors.


And here’s a photo I took back in August 2007 of the previous Kings Pointer, now known as General Rudder and based in Texas.


All photos by Will Van Dorp.


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