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Earth Day 2010 7 foggy sunrise, the unit leaving Arthur Kill in the direction of the Bayonne Bridge   …  is

Davis Sea pushing DBL 26, a 28,000-barrel vessel.  Given the amount of influence Gaylord Nelson has had, it’s totally appropriate to refer to him here.

Foto compliments of Jed, here’s a different  sunrise in April, as enjoyed from the galley.

Volunteer, Adriatic, and Tasman, as seen from Mariner’s Harbor looking over toward Elizabeth, NJ, and St. Patrick’s.

Davis Sea, once again, following Atlantic Concert, headed for sea.

Tasman (ex-Ambassador), again shot by Jed.

Tasman, foto’d by tugster

Houma, as seen here six weeks ago.


Baltic passing barge slung by Maryland.  No,  there’s no Maryland Sea, either globally or word Sea after Maryland on this vessel.

Ivory C . . .  Nah, I haven’t enough Wall Street experience to trick you there.

Fotos 3, 4, and 6 by Jed–who’s not returning to the sixth boro anytime soon, having found warmer water, calmer seas, and faster vessels with at least 30,000 more horsepower each.

Others fotos by Will Van Dorp, who will miss Jed as a neighbor in the boro.

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