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i.e., the 19th month in a row that I’ve posted photos from exactly 120 months before.  Well, although it’s not always this hazy, the Statue still looks the same, but

Responder no longer carries that boom or works in the sixth boro, and neither that bridge nor Coho looks the same.

Coral Sea Queen has been reconfigured into a trillion recombined molecules, and

June K is no longer orange.

That part of the skyline is the same–maybe–but Lil Rip has not been in this harbor in quite a while.

This Rosemary is no longer here nor painted this way, and

John Reinauer . . . I’d love to see her since she transited the Atlantic to work in the Gulf of Guinea.

Flinterborg released these Dutch sailing barges in the waterways of another continent . . . and Flinterborg has not returned that I know of.

Penn No. 4 is laid up, I think.  Does no one use the term “mothballed” any more?  I’ve never mothballed clothes, for what that’s worth.

Laura K Moran works in Savannah, with occasional TDY in other ports, I’ve noticed..

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who himself is no longer the same person he was in October 2009.

(Note:  As of Thursday morning, Flinterborg was still anchored north of the VZ near Staten Island awaiting a weather window.)

He:  (texting)  Flinterborg in vu!!

She: (texting back)  Woo hoooo!

And so it was when Flinterborg appeared beyond the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, then


turned at the red 76 buoy,


headed toward Rhinecliff,


where a diesel Amtrak sounded a horn in greetings AND farewell, as


the many-masted ship headed through Crum Elbow


and approached the Walkway over the Hudson where it


sounded its own two long blasts in greeting before


heading for Lange Rack, and ultimately


for sea.  If you’re in the sixth boro, ETA might be between 630 and 730, twilight.

People to thank here–Jeff, Harold, Dock, Frank– as well as all morale supporters and texters.  Thanks to the Dutch mariners for coming over.    More fotos and a video on Friday.  For fotos of the “deckload” as they cavorted in the Hudson, click here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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