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Question:  Where might a “used” New York harbor ferry go?  Where might the sixth boro buy a used ferry from?  Answers below.

My attention was directed to the sixth Great Lake some two plus years back as well as more recently, and thanks to some recent icy fotos from Jed, let’s have another look.  Vessel Vermont runs year round between Grand Isle, VT and Plattsburgh, NY.  Vermont dates from 1992 Louisiana, and like the recent arrival–Raymond C Pecor Jr–  Vermont traversed the sixth boro and needed some disassembling to get to the big lake.

Adirondack (1913   ex-South Jacksonville,  Mount Holly, Governor Emerson C  Harrington II) has an impressive resume:  1913–21 in Jacksonville, 1921–27 in Philly, 1927–36 in the sixth boro, 1938–54 in the Chesapeake . . .  before migrating farther north to the sixth great lake.  As Mount Holly, this vessel operated across the East River between 34th Street East and Long Island city.  Anyone know of a foto of her as Mount Holly?

Two years from now,  January 15, 2013 will mark a century of service for this oldest, in-service, double-ended ferry in the US.

Behold Miss Piggy (1982) and Plattsburgh (1984).

Champlain‘s resume reads like an abbreviated version of that presented by Adirondack:   (1930-47  ex-City Of Hampton in Baltimore first and then in Norfolk).

She too, as you can imagine, needed to be decapitated to get to Lake Champlain.

For more info on all these vessels, check out the LCT site.

Valcour is named for the island, site of a key naval battle of the US Revolution.

Thanks much to Jed for sending these along.

sort of. Relief crew posts have mystery ships to identify. Type the term relief crew into the search box to see posts 1–5.  Anyhow, where is this ferry below? Name the mystery location, and I’ll put up a spectacular shot by the same photographer. Suppose the kayaker thinks he’s the talent here?



Staten Island Ferry: free. Painted safety orange rather than white since 1926 for heightened visibility in fog!



SeaStreak . . . I wish they ran to Elizabeth, NJ, especially if they did their 42 knots!



Governor’s Island ferry . . . GI: a future destination, closed until June 2008. Isn’t that just wrong!



Top photo by Biffle French.  Others, WVD.

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