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The sixth boro has lots of government boats . . .  aka taxpayers’ boats, like the 29 Defiant

This RB-M appears to be training a large crew.

This BUSL is headed out for some ATON work.

Besides the many federal boats, NYC has its own fleet including three GUP carriers of this latest class.  This is a front light Rockaway.

One of two large fireboats, 343 here is at her base beside Little Island, aka Diller Island.

USACE in the boro has some small survey boats.

Sturgeon Bay holds station at the star. 

And to close out . . .  here’s that same 29 Defiant executing a tight turn in the ferry wake. 

All photos, WVD, who’s still on the road. 

She came into the boro less than a year ago, and only yesterday did I catch her close up.  Enjoy.

View of the afterside of the house.

Backing from the dock and rotating 180 degrees . . .   note the Empire State Building off to the northeast.

Portside three-quarters view of the house.

Starboard view with the W in Hoboken in the distance.  No really . .  this isn’t “product placement.”

Shots all from Pier 40 . . . now with Stevens Institute of Technology in the distance.   Unrelated . . . Alfred Kinsey was born in Hoboken and his father taught at Stevens.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who left this part of Pier 40 to visit Village Community Boathouse.  And related to that, check out a new site linked to my blogroll:  DoryMan.

Totally unrelated . . . or entangled:  that red color, fires, and the Empire State Building, check out this Valentine’s Day story.  And wilder than that, a boat dance happening most of a year ago not far from Pier 40.

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