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The sixth boro always provides lots to look at and wonder about.  USNS Watson and Regulus, both are getting some service at Bayonne dry dock. 

Heroic Leader, 7500-car capacity, departs with “who-knows-what” in her hold.  She’s currently approaching the Panama Canal

Ever Front arrived soon after 

Ever Fame had departed.  There are a total of 20 Ever F-class vessels, including the now unfortunate but now operating again Ever Forward.  At least half the class has already appeared on tugster.  Note the differences between E Front and E Fame . . . look at the house and the stacks.  I should do a post about this.

CMA CGM Columba has appeared on this blog before.

Let’s hope the tanker Merapi  does not go the way of its possible namesake?  And might the bulker Stoja be named for the singer?

Once again with Pacific Jade, we see the big LNG tanks that seem to be increasingly common in the sixth boro.  Alongside is Andrea, appearing here for the second time in this post.  Find the other?

CMA CGM Magellan has been here before, always making me think of Mactan

Frankopan has the distinction of a Zadar registry.  Know where that is?

All photos, any errors, WVD.

Here’s the answer about Zadar. 


The Kill Van Kull is a relatively narrow strait, but skill and experience allows passing like this to occur routinely.   Zim Tarragona (856′ x 106′) and CMA CGM Tosca (1096′ x 140′) need to mind the physics in this passage.

MSC Toronto (1065′ x 140′) heads into Port Elizabeth with another container ship not far behind.

MOL Courage (1036′ x 150′) heads for sea.  She seems to have shed the false AIS signal that accompanied her last trip.

Chacabuco (905′ x 31′)  heads toward the container port.  Years ago, I met this vessel in Brazil.  The name comes from a region in Argentina.


Ever Lasting (1098′ x 160′)  heads for the next port.

YM Evolution (849′ x 122′) comes in.

The past few years, she’s been a regular here.

Ever Front, (1095′ x 157′) and the newest vessel in this post, heads for the next port.


Taipei Trader (485′ x 76′) does a regular shuttle run.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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