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A secret salt along the Saint Lawrence snapped this photo of Algoma Montrealais towed by Diavlos Pride and largely unseen) Ecosse on the stern.  To see photos of Algoma Montrealais’  last season, click here.

Montrealais in tow to scrap

For purposes of the transit to the scrapyard, she’s been renamed (by subtraction) as Mont.

Montrealais closeup

And from endings to beginnings, here from Jonathan Steinman is the arrival of Kirby Moran into the sixth boro via the East River and


escorted in by the venerable James Turecamo.


Also from Jonathan, Shelby towing Weeks 297 carrying a  . . . wind turbine vane.


Anyone know where bound?



Many thanks to the secret salt and freshwater salt of the Saint Lawrence and to Jonathan Steinman for these photos.


From left to right, the remorqueurs below in the port of Ogdensburg, New York, carry the names Lac Manitoba and Ecosse, seasoning exotique from north of the border. Lac Manitoba, built in Trenton, Ontario in 1944, hails from Montreal. Ecosse, from Wheatley, Ontario 1979, hails from Hamilton. Thanks to boatnerd, here are close-ups of Ecosse and Ecosse again. Thanks to shipspotting, here’s Lac Manitoba.

Unlike convenient ports of registry carried on the sterns of most cargo vessels in the sixth boro, here’s a refreshing name, aka the Soo.

I’ll post more on this salty soon.

Photos, WVD.

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