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Twin Cities tug North Carolina (1952)  breaking ice.  Next two photo thanks to Paul Scinocca on FB.    As I said yesterday, fresh water reacts differenttly than salt water to extreme temperatures.

American Mariner in Twin Cities Ports (Duluth MN and Superior WI)  harbor on what has to be the last run of the season.  Thanks again to Paul.  Here’s more on recent temperatures in the Twin Ports.  Click here for photos I took in Twin Ports a half year ago.

And here, from the FB group Erie Shipping News, a photo (l to r)  of tug New York (and Dorothy Ann and Elizabeth Anna) from December in Erie PA,

and from a few days ago . . .  .  Here’s more on recent weather in Erie. GL tug New York is over 100 years old.

Thanks to the folks at Erie Shipping News and Paul Scinocca in Duluth for this glimpse of early January elsewhere.

This no-nonsense machine . . .

I can show you but tell you nothing about.  I don’t know.

Nearby,  Haskell was built  in 1936, but that’s all I know.

The photos above I took in Holland MI, and the rest  . . . in Sturgeon Bay, WI  Chas. Asher dates from 1967, and I know nothing about the one on shore.

Here’s that same “high and dry” tug seen in profile.

Spuds–now THAT is a name for a small tug, was launched from 1944.

Duluth appears to have a proud owner;  she came off the ways in 1954.

Here, Duluth moves a dump scow up to the bulkhead on the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, where her very wet dredge spoils will be offloaded.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.


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