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I suppose I could call this “random and gorgeous tug fotos I wish I’d taken.”

Thanks to John Skelson for this one of Coastline Bay Star.  I’ve seen this vessel only once in this incarnation of her, but it was in Belt traffic from which a foto was impossible.  John nails it here.  What a beaut!!

The rest come from Birk Thomas.  This series I just find stunning:  Gramma Lee T turns out after escorting her Nth vessel.  I’m wondering if there’s an actual count of assists for her decade of service since her June 2002 delivery.  Happy Decade 1 celebration.

Birk got this foto off New London: Allison Crosby looks like a Vane boat, whose series she post-dates, but for ocean towing, she has a 10,500 hp plant in the engine room.

Buster Bouchard has been around since 1979, but I saw her in the sixth boro for the first time only this spring.

The newest twins in the boro . . . Discovery Coast and Chesapeake Coast.

Also, by Birk, Ocean Delta, Norway-built, moving more parts for the nickel mining operation in Newfoundland.

Ocean Delta (ex-Sistella)  is a 1973 UT 505 design from the Ulstein Group.   Click here for a snowy/icy foto of Ocean Delta.

Thanks to Birk and John for these fotos.

Cormorant and I sometimes chat down by the water.  Like we did this morning down where Arthur Kill meets Newark Bay.  We differ on some things, but usually it’s  . . . laissez faire, live and let live.

And then this came by.  It’s Discovery Coast, the brand spanking new tugboat I’ve seen twice before.  The first I was driving and traffic precluded pulling off for a foto and the second time was too dark.  This time I could have gotten it in the still golden light of 9:30 a.m.  But I averted my eyes. . . it was too much to bear.   I watched from the corners of my eyes until it passed  . . .

Its silhouette suggests . . . pagoda.  Just count the decks . . . if they be called that . . . six of them.  Discovery Coast just came out of the Main Iron works in Houma, LA.  Here’s the proud new owner answering questions about the vessel’s features.    From the interview, I can appreciate the vessel meeting all the latest guidelines.  And I’d love a tour of the living quarters.  But

if this is the look of the future, then what associations I have with that is  . . . so at one time was the Edsel!   And cormorant, well he took one look and

got outa there!

I wish fair winds, happy voyaging, and successful & profitable service to Discovery Coast and Chesapeake Coast . . . but with all due respect . . .  I’m with cormorant on this one.

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