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. . .I finally caught photos of Decisive, just a few hours ago, coming into the sixth boro.

Some of you may recognize the crewman with the orange hard hat.

Decisive is in the cable business . . . i.e., these are the cable guys.

Since I’m right against my post time, I’ll keep the text especially sparse.

As I understand it, Decisive is not laying on the project; rather, she’s retrieving old cable that was already laid and now obsolete.

It was worth waiting in the rain to see her arrive.

I’m hoping that anyone with more info can tell more about the ship and its current mission.


All photos, WVD.


Seen from this angle, Houston Star, 817′ x 144′,  is a wide-bodied petroleum carrier, recently

assisted in with


Kirby Moran on her port side.   I was having difficulty finding more info about the tanker until, using her IMO number,  I stumbled onto her previous name.  Any guesses?


This, I gather, is an ice breaking bow.

All photos and investigations by Will Van Dorp, who was surprised to learn that Houston Star was once named for the Egyptian goddess, Isis.

And here’s an interesting cable-laying vessel that came into the sixth boro this morning . . . while I was tied up.  It’s a poor photo of Decisive, but if you out there got some better ones, I’d love to hear from you.


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