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Here were 1 and  2.  Atlantic Salvor out front and Sarah Ann as steer boat make a working pair moving dredging spoils out for dumping at sea.

Here Salvor communes with itself in glassy morning KVK water.

Kristy Ann collaborates with Laurie Ann Reinauer to get RTC85 off the dock at IMTT Bayonne.

A pair of deckhands ride the huge pair of knees on Discovery Coast.

A pair of Vane barges, Doubleskin 32 and 36 . . .

… moved by a pair of Dann Marine newcomers, Chesapeake Coast and Discovery Coast with Seto Express on the far side.

And quite the pair

they are!

A lucky pair of Finns no doubt see the yellow Stolt tanker in the distance as an angel.  I took the foto of Stolt Invention four days ago as it entered the sixth boro in the afternoon fog.   From Rick Old Salt’s blog today I learn that on May 10 . . . less than two weeks ago, Stolt Invention saved the lucky pair  in mid-Atlantic after their sailboat began taking on water.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Interesting but completely unrelated:  coal dredging on the Susquehanna?  Check this out of Bone In Its Teeth blog.

Also unrelated inquiry:  Does anyone remember/have fotos of the heavylift ship in NYC harbor  1997 taking away the floating jail Resolution?  I’d love to see fotos.


Cormorant and I sometimes chat down by the water.  Like we did this morning down where Arthur Kill meets Newark Bay.  We differ on some things, but usually it’s  . . . laissez faire, live and let live.

And then this came by.  It’s Discovery Coast, the brand spanking new tugboat I’ve seen twice before.  The first I was driving and traffic precluded pulling off for a foto and the second time was too dark.  This time I could have gotten it in the still golden light of 9:30 a.m.  But I averted my eyes. . . it was too much to bear.   I watched from the corners of my eyes until it passed  . . .

Its silhouette suggests . . . pagoda.  Just count the decks . . . if they be called that . . . six of them.  Discovery Coast just came out of the Main Iron works in Houma, LA.  Here’s the proud new owner answering questions about the vessel’s features.    From the interview, I can appreciate the vessel meeting all the latest guidelines.  And I’d love a tour of the living quarters.  But

if this is the look of the future, then what associations I have with that is  . . . so at one time was the Edsel!   And cormorant, well he took one look and

got outa there!

I wish fair winds, happy voyaging, and successful & profitable service to Discovery Coast and Chesapeake Coast . . . but with all due respect . . .  I’m with cormorant on this one.

Just for the record, here are the first two posts in this series, “1” and 2.

The foto below and the one of Dublin Sea come from Birk.   Greenland Sea is off Barents Sea port side.

 I last saw Barents move in early December here.   This foto is taken from near the old Singer plant in Elizabethport.

From the same vantage point, it’s Yankee, Greenland, and a third tug I should but can’t identify.

Here’s another shot from Birk, Dublin Sea over at the south end of Arthur Kill.  Dublin Sea was launched in Wisconsin in 2009.

First appearance of this vessel on tugster . . . taken a week ago passing Howland Hook . . . it’s Ireland (ex-Yorktown) built

in 1940!!  Some great Coastline Marine Towing jobs fotos can be found here.

Also moving a crane barge eastbound on the KVK, it’s Stephanie Dann (1978, ex-Mary Defelice); meanwhile

that same morning, it’s Taurus, launched under that name in Houma in 1979, heading

toward the North River, as

Turecamo Girls (launched in Savannah in 1965 as Capt. Jan Porel) headed under the Bayonne Bridge, eastbound and

Margaret Moran (launched in Morgan City in 1979) headed westbound.

Thanks Birk.

Not exactly related:  Some big doings on April 10 in Erie, PA as Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender get christened.  Have you been invited and want to get a few fotos for tugster?  Please get in touch.

Meredith C. Reinauer (2003, 7200 hp) and Kristy Ann Reinauer (1962, 2000 hp)

Hunting Creek (2011, 3000 hp) and my first view of her, not that I wouldn’t be able to predict what a Vane tug would look like.

Hunt Girls (1983, 1800 hp)

Coral Coast (1970, 3000 hp)

Buchanan 10, 1967, 1700 hp)

Thomas D. Witte (1961, 3000hp)

Linda G, 1943 and I have no idea how much power she generates, but that’s quite the tow she’s minding.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Carfloat, front heavy,  moving from Jersey to

Brooklyn under the powers of Charles D. McAllister.    Remember that double click enlarges most fotos.  Notice the graffittoed railcars and the immaculate tug and barge.

Another shot of the mighty Brangus tending to the teeth of Florida, with more to come soon.

Treasure Coast pushing

uh . .  cement.

Meagan Ann noses along a barge of crushed

cars that may until recently have traveled along those roads.

Tarpon moves asphalt barge (?) Potomac up toward the Buttermilk.

Thomas D. dispatches more cars to the scrappers.

Pegasus the younger sports new primer paint.

Susan Miller and

Dorothy J (?) move spud barges.  Rae seems to be along for the ride.

And can anyone tell me the name of this small Reinauer tanker?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

June 19 . . . from the boardwalk after the parade, and (maybe celebrating solstice inland) nary a mermaid or seamaster in sight.  An unidentified sloop plots a course between two outbound c-vessels.  See frogma’s solstice on the boardwalk pix here.

June 18 . . . a McAllister boat heads past the World Financial Center after escorting in a cruise ship.  Between the mirrored walls and sheathed in blue . . . that’s the state of construction on One World Trade.   Does the name sound a bit like a commercial version of the Bob Marley song?

June 17 . . .  crewman watches as Atlantic Coast pushes a loaded cement barge up the East River.

Earlier that day, the unit anchored in the Hudson;  barge is Cement Transporter 5300 . . . clear enough.

Crewman uses telephone on the afterdeck of Adriatic Sea.  That’s Jersey City in the background.  A year ago, Adriatic appeared here.

Left to right:  barge New HampshireScott Turecamo, Mark Miller, and Americas Spirit.  Fort Wadsworth lies in the background.

Ocean King looks to land on Pier 16 for a crew change.

I’ve never seen Ocean King (ex-David McAllister, Resolute, launched 1950) in the sixth boro before last week.

Cornell heads south past Battery Park City, hard at work in the golden hour for fotos.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp in the past 5 days.

Happy Solstice.  If you want more mermaids . . . let me know.

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