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Let’s start with Poverty Island . . . and the light considered the US most endangered lighthouse.

Candace Elise used to operate as Stephen Dann.

Manitowoc makes its way west into Lake Michigan. 

Buckthorn backs out of Mackinac Island and heads for Lake Superior.

In a short time, two footers passed by:   American Integrity headed west. 

Corsair brought in the hay and flowers . .  for horses and bees maybe.

Burns Harbor made its way back up to Superior.   Burns and Integrity are two of the 13 “footers” working on the upper Lakes.

John D. Leitch has an unmistakeable profile.

Two more “footers” awaited us before we got to Sugar Island.


That’s Sugar Islander II in between the two boats, and that’s where we’ll start next post.


I love the hanging benches and bicycle on the balconies of American Century. 

All photos and any errors, WVD.

Departure time meant we couldn’t watch Paul R. Tregurtha transit the passage on this brilliant day, but that’s life.

On our way out, Corsair passed one more time with a load of hay . . .


My references here are inadequate to say whether Mackinac Islander, laid up here, was built in the same yard as Corsair.

As we turn south, Poe Reef Light blinks a farewell

and we see sunset rays off to the north behind us, begging not to be forgotten.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.


If equestrians and carriage riders must eat, snack, and graze, and

truckloads of such ingestibles roll off and back on,

then the same needs must be met for the steeds.

Trailers of ponies come with their own picnic lunch . . .



Pallets of the sustenance roll off.

Ditto the straw.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.


Motor vehicles –except two for the police and fire–are not permitted on Mackinac Island;  a RORO named Corsair runs supply trailers to the dock, where all cargo is transshipped onto wagons pulled by horses.

Corsair, that RORO, was built in Rhode Island by Blount in 1955.

Bicycles and horses provide transport on the island.

Horses require that straw and hay are

essential cargoes.

Landing craft are useful around the iIsland as well.

I’m not sure if this LC has a name, but LC-6050 is still legible.

Wooden craft like Maumee Mistress recently participated in the wooden boat show I hope to get up to see one of these years.

Ann Marie Rose is clearly not wood, but I include it here because it’s the fourth time  (4th!!) I’ve seen it since April, when I caught them entering the Harrows.

Elegante was in these same waters two years ago . . .

as seen here (scroll).

All photos by Will Van Dorp.



I’m catching up here, with this post from the top west side of Lake Huron, where the skies and


and waters teemed with people.


I headed to the high ground where the fort stands,


From the wall, I saw US-built  Samuel de Champlain pass southbound.


Schooner Inland Seas was anchored over by the Round Island light.




Corsair  brought in food trucks, which


get offloaded onto wagons.


Teamster, trickster, tugster . .  got it all in this post.

All photos here by Will Van Dorp.

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