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I have lots more Gayer Barge Canal tugboat photos coming, but this set of photos had me puzzled until just now.

I’d seen the Merritt-Chapman & Scott crane barges Charleston and Concord with a tugboat in between.  Focussing on trying to identify the tugboat as well as the location on the Barge Canal blinded me to the activity in the photos.  I’ll give my interpretation later in the post, but first . . . tell me how you read the photos.

I love the lines on the small workboat Contest

All undated photos by Albert Gayer.

First, I think the photos were taken on the Rondout, not the Barge Canal, but I don’t know where on the Rondout that quarry might be located.  

 Second, it appears that Charleston and Concord have just raised that tugboat from where it sank.

Alternative interpretations, especially if mine is wrong and yours is correct, are welcome.

The “relief crew” series allows a blog reader, winner of the previous contest, to set the next contest. Fred identified Brian’s Nimble, so here’s Fred’s mystery boat. What is it and where is it located? My only clue: though the design is not North American, the vessel lies within a 10-mile radius of Spuyten Duyvil.



I’ll accept as winner the first person to identify either the current location/way to contact owner of this green vessel OR the type/provenance of same. Then, I’ll disclose connections and provide copius related and gratuitous additional information related to this species. Again, the winner gets to be relief crew by proposing a new mystery vessel. I’m still looking to identify this East River-running mystery vessel.

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