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Coastline Girls and many other names including Gage Paul Thornton and  ST-497, the 1944-build now sleeps deep in Davy Jones locker,  and was not an intentional reefing.

It’s been a while since I last saw Mcallister Sisters, shown here passing the Esopus Meadows light.  If I’m not mistaken, she’s currently based in Baltimore.

Ten years ago, this boat had already been painted blue over orange, but she still carried the June K name board.

Socrates, classic lines and a classic name, has since gone off to Nigeria, riding over in mid-2012 on a heavy lift ship called Swan.

Urger on blocks in Lyons . . . one would have thought then that she’d run forever.  These days she’s back on blocks at the eastern end of the Canal.

And February 2010 was the time of prime iceboating, and that’s Bonnie of frogma.

James Turecamo, with its wheelhouse down as I rarely saw it, works these days upriver as far north as Albany.  Photo by Allen Baker.

Brandywine and Odin these days spend most of their time on Gulf of Mexico waters.

Gramma Lee T Moran straining here as she pulled the tanker off the dock.  She now works in Baltimore.

In the foreground, East Coast departs the Kills;  I can’t say I recall seeing her recently,but AIS says she’s currently northbound north of the GW.    In the distance and approaching, June K, now Sarah Ann, and she regularly works in the sixth boro.

All photos, except Allen’s, WVD, from February 2010.

I have to share back story about getting that top photo.  I was on foot on Richmond Terrace walking east toward Jersey Street when I saw the Coastline tug and Hughes barge.  I didn’t recognize the profile and realized I could get the photo ONLY if I ran.  At the same time, I noticed an NYPD car had pulled over another car, and you know, it’s never a good idea to run for no apparent reason when the police are nearby.  But . . . you understand my dilemma:  walk and miss the shot, or run and maybe attract the curiosity of the police officer.  I ran, got the shot, and sure enough, the police called me over and wanted to know what I was doing.  Since I knew I’d done nothing wrong except appear suspicious, I gave him my business card and launched full tilt into my “new yorkers are so lucky because they are witness to so much marine business traffic, and why didn’t he too have a camera and join me watching and taking photos of the variety of vessels . . . .”  You can imagine the stare I got.  My enthusiasm failed to move him.  No handcuffs, no taser, not even a ticket, but an impassive gaze from a weary officer of the law possibly wondering  if I’d escaped from an institution or a time warp.  He wrote up a report and left me with this advice:  don’t run when you see a police officer nearby.  “Yessir,” I said, thinking . . . well sure, but I’d likely do it again if I again noticed something unusual transiting the waterway.  Since then, though, I’ve not had any further encounters with the LEOs, at least not on the banks of the sixth boro.

Tugs take myriad shapes.  Jay catches a hint of tugs to come on Cape Ann Images:  the new tug Independence. Yet another reason to return to Gloucester, soon!!  More at BTT tugs at Shooting My Universe.  Then, 3000 miles away, catch a variety of recent Puget Sound tugs at Fremonttugboat her, the first of which is K-Sea’s Sargasso Sea, no doubt named for the steamy Rhys’ novel.

Back along the Hudson, try this one-seater tug with hand-painted name sign on portside of the bow.

Ike‘s specs:  Gladding-Hearn built in 1957 with dimensions of 34′ x 13′ x 6.’

Socrates has a traditional rugged look of a model bow tug.  Specs:  113′ x 29′ x 11′ and built in 1966.

But Socrates sports some unusual calligraphy, which wouldn’t be unattractive tattooed on someone’s hip.

Taking this foto got me my first-ever “talking-to” by law enforcement, but all went well:  I gave the officer my “business” card, and he might now just be a happy reader of the tugster blog . ..  I hope.

Coastline Girls (ex-Ruby, Ruby M, and Beverly)  at 69′ x 20′ x 8′ dates from 1943.  And this one’s for you, Officer.

Molly Johannsen (ex-Carol) is a real cutie dating from

from 1972 and all of 30′ x 10′ x 4.’

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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