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Technically, I’ve never finished my posts on watersheds 12 and 13 . . .  the troves of photos from those places have simply been preserved by photos that followed and those stories remain to be finished . . . like most things in life.

The photos here, all from Maraki . . .  , offer a focus other than how much ice chills the sixth boro, an interesting enough topic but one that I need to get away from periodically.  Come inside, sip some chocolate, and contemplate the equatorial zones.  Like Rio Magdalena.

I’d seen the Magdalena on maps . . .



but never imagined what floated there. . . until then photo below led to Impala, an entity I’d never heard of before.


And that summoned info on where the tugs there come from, a question easily answered  . . . thanks to this internet thing.  Behold Impala  Zambrano and Impala Puerto Wilches.


Traffic like this coexists with the global economy.


East of the mouth of the Magdalena a dozen and some miles lies Santa Marta, where Atlantico awaits . . .


as does Chinook and


and RM Boreas.


Atlantico and Chinook are built in China.  I’m not sure about RM Boreas.

Two more from these waters from now . . .. Intergod VII.  Any guesses on place of construction?



I’m not sure where the Bauprespilotos get their boats like Voyager, but Intergod VII


was built in Collingwood, Ontario in 1967.

Many thanks to Maraki for creating the desire to explore yet another watershed.  For the latest dispatches from Maraki–above and below the water and during Curaçao’s carnival . . . click here.


Bracketed info is unrelated to “Government …11” post;  added later.  [  One of my heroes, Leonard Lopate, does a segment of his show called “under-reported.”   To ensure the following story does NOT go under-reported, I’m happy to update the “hijacked tugboat” story I helped locate fotos for a half-year ago.  Remember the Nigerian tug Yenagoa Ocean taken by Somali pirates?  Here’s my post.  According to EagleSpeak (scroll to June 8 ) and Australia.To . . . the crew of Yenegoa Ocean has escaped, in their tug!  Bravo! ]

The government certainly floated a lot of boats for River Day 1.  I wondered how jurisdictions would be untangled were some incident to occur. This RIB operates for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which has been around in some form since 1880.  Bowsprite did her magic with a sister of this RIB in her whale post (last image) from earlier this spring.  More Bowsprite later.


What I like about this starboard view of Sailfish is that the open stern hatch (technical name?)  reveals an RIB.  More on this later.  Those are lower Manhattan’s gray cliffs in the distance, only 12 miles or so from the green Palisades in the next foto.


This starboard view of Ridley just north of the George Washington Bridge with Palisades in the background looks indistinguishable (except #s) from


this portside view of Chinook, just south of Tappan Zee Bridge.


Ever hear of the NewYork Naval Militia?  I never had.  Here are two of their vessels.


Another view of Sailfish with the stern hatch closed shows Ridley in the distance.


Since I have this portside profile of Sailfish, consider this juxtaposition with the first of Bowsprite’s marine watercolors I ever saw (You have to check this one out.)  . . . all blotchy because . . . well, she created it one showery morning.   I became a devoted Bowsprite fan as soon as I saw her watercolor-in-rain technique.


And to round out this post and further complicate  jurisdictions, enter the Rockland County Sheriff as


well as Westchester County police . . ..


I removed the name and numbers from the foto below.  It’s a vessel you saw earlier in the post.  Which one?  You can tell by the gun covers.  Only one of the three had blue ones.


More government boats as soon as they are purchased and I see them.

All fotos taken the same day by Will Van Dorp.

Answer:  Ridley.  Also, in yesterday’s post, I included a shot of USCG Auxilliary boat Lady B.  She’s ex-Point Brown, active 1967 until 1991.

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