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This starts a new series, drawing from a loop from Chicago to Chicago via Mackinac Island.

Clearly something was amiss when a Chicago police boat was blocking outbound traffic from Burnham Harbor.

By the way, the grassy “dunes” in the background cover what was once Meigs Field. 

Then a TowBoatUS vessel appeared on scene with a taut towline.


Someone’s journey was not going well.



The yacht, likely having lost power, was towed safely to a bulkhead.

And that day, other unfortunate boaters needed some assistance.  Maybe I should say fortunate boaters, because they have TowBoatUS memberships.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Happy September 3, 

and August 2

and  . . . well, someone’s vision of  the moment or a zeitgeist,






All photos by Will Van Dorp, who thinks that’s where a tension exists.


The wheel should be a giveaway for location.  More on that later in the post.

I’ve not found much info on the delightfully-blue ST called “The Commissioner,” other than a photo of it breaking ice in Burnham Harbor.

Kenosha, nearby, launched in 1954 in Missouri.


Kenosha pushes the crane barge out to a breakwater.

Now standing with my back to the wheel and looking north, it’s 1981 built Valerie B, 

a 1981 tug owned by Kokosing.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who wonders why US entities get their ferris wheels from foreign companies.  The Centennial Wheel is Dutch Wheels Model DW60.

Here’s more on Ferris,  his wheel, and a large power wheel used in an iron ore operation along the Hudson River.  Yes, that Hudson.


The sixth boro has no channels quite like Chicago, channels I’d like to see all.  And here I was pleased to

meet an ice breaker and more that.  If crew on Versluis ask if you want to see their crib, take advantage of that opportunity.

The Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable Bridge illustrates the logic of the design.

And the namesake?  Here’s the story, as well as links to some ice breaking video clips.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.



Here were previous installments of this.

These images are intriguing.  They challenge the brain.  Have I seen these before somewhere?

In a dream maybe?

These are on a building near the midtown cruise terminal.

But here  . . . recognize these on a building along the major avenue?

They conjure up historical Assyrians passing laws?

And this, a pensive monster or a befuddled one?

What context is there for a fragmented horse and human?

What provokes a playful crow and evolved wolf reading about fig or olive branches, or is it something else like an herb in a cookbook?

It’s all surely not comprehensible but

the animals in both places

command attention.  They may be shards of a half-remembered nightmare, or

parts of an undiscovered heritage.

Photos of a repositioning from NYC to Chicago by Will Van Dorp.


Here are the previous posts.

The 1980 Innisfree works the Chicago River, but it has New England roots.


The rest of the boats in this post work in the waters around Mackinac Island.  Anna May is Wisconsin-built, 1947.


Felicity is a Shepler’s Ferry boats.  For a history of the business, click here.


Straits of Mackinac II is a 1969 Blount product. The Arnold family has been in the ferry business here since 1878.


LaSalle dates from 1983.


Huron is Erie PA built, 1955, and the oldest vessel working for the Arnold fleet.


Joliet dates from 1993.   For many more Michigan ferries, click here.


And to close out today, we’re back at Innisfree, maybe named for the W. B. Yeats poem.   Here Innisfree passes the footprint-gone-wild for the now-dead Spire project.



All photos here by Will Van Dorp.

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