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I didn’t take these fotos quite right, but  . . . look closely, on the left side of the foto and the channel are three orange channel markers, as they appeared on October 10.  That’s Bayonne in the distance.  Behind the camera and off the right side is Howland Hook terminal.

Of course Patrick Sky cleared that nearest marker without a slightest scratch.

But a few days later . . . October 14 and after a tip-off, I returned and

only two markers remained.

Of course, Irish Sea and Bering Sea had nothing to do with the lost marker. Nor did Kraken.

But one was gone, vanished, disparu!

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who hasn’t returned here since . . . but might there now only be one?  Click here for some background info on Patrick Sky.  The Kirby unit in the top foto is Beaufort Sea.

Why three of these in a row?  Answer a follows.  I took the foto east of Roosevelt Island.  Clue:  power.

Here’s a close up of one of them.

Why the patriotic color scheme?  Answer b follows.  Jed took the foto  in Baltimore.  Clue:  stand.

I didn’t use binoculars or take a foto earlier because I thought this speedster was Manhattan.  Anyone know this classic vessel?   Answer c follows below, thanks to Bernie of Working Harbor Committee.

Nor do I know this one foto’d in Hudson near Pier 83ish.

UFO . . . unindentified or unique floating object.

A:  East River Tidal Power Project Hear the whirring blades?

B:  The Buoy marks the spot from which Francis Scott Key watched bombs bursting in air, leading him to pen the anthem.

C.  Elco Commuter yacht Justice.

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