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For a low-emissions all-weather pilot boat, the Dutch port of Rotterdam  looked . . .  to the US.  Kvichak has built for many ports.  Fotos courtesy of Fred Trooster.

So would that be a Dutch pilot in middeck with the bare-shoulder uniform?

Sandy Hook Pilots, serving the port of New York, have gotten some of their boats, like Yankee,  just up the Sound at Derecktor Shipyards in Bridgeport.

Docking pilots travel in  . .  tugs like Laura K. Moran.

Click here for a link to vessels carrying pilots in a number of East Coast ports.  A highlight of 2011 has to be the ride on an Edison-Chouest C-Tractor, thanks to JED.

Unless otherwise credited, fotos by Will Van Dorp.

A few more fotos from Mayport include LCS-2  USS Independence, which reminds me of a DeLorean, somehow . . .

and another shot of C-Tractor 5.

On the morning of day 8 on the road, we caught USS Enterprise (CVN-65), the world’s first nuclear-powered carrier  . . . from the eastern end of Beach Boulevard, Mayport.

Later in the day, from Miami Beach, we spotted Jan Caribe and then

a “floating-billboard” on the canal just west of the Beach,

a storm front moving across the Beach from

the Everglades and out to  sea, as

container vessel Sluisgracht heads into port.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who’s now headed out to see what Day 9 can show.

Day 7 away from the sixth boro had found me quite desperate.  I’d started to see tugs everywhere although of an unfamiliar sort:  carved into quartz monzonite,

on road signs, and

even along the South Carolina/Georgia state line on my road atlas !

So imagine my joy today when I finally met face-to-face longtime friend of the tugster blog, JED, who  invited me onto C-Tractor 12 to see

tugs at work doing what could never be seen in the boro up north where supposedly I carry the title of mayor.  Here in the St Johns RiverC-Tractor 12 and C-Tractor 5 assist USS Klakring (FFG 42) as it heads for sea.

More from Mayport soon.  Many thanks to JED for the tour.

On this blog, you’ve seen spinning the king and turning Tabuk, get ready for turning 70, which never looked so good.

That 70 is CVN-70 aka USS Carl Vinson, recently

departing San Diego for points west.  These fotos come compliments of Michael Torres, who just a few weeks back sent spectacular fotos of the return to port of Splendor of the Seas.

The orange numbered tugs make up part of the Edison Chouest fleet.  I believe these tugs make up a small minority of American tugs with forward-mounted azimuthing drives, or ATDs, in this article by Gregory Walsh in Professional Mariner.   

For my mostly east coast eyes, these tugs are a distinctive as Michael’s fotos stunning.  I’ve written about them before here

The names are quite unusual also. 

SDMs 7, 8, 10, and 14 turning CVN 70 . . . that’s unfamiliar

nomenclature for my east coast ears.  I’ve got lots to learn about these, but

for now, I really appreciate getting these shots from Michael.

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