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Here are the previous posts in this series, showing the removal and disposal of the wreck of the RORO Baltic Ace, which sank after a collision in December 2012.


After more than two years underwater, this is how things appear.












Many thanks for these photos to Jan Oosterboer via Fred Trooster.



Here was part 1 of this story about the ill-fated Baltic Ace.

Jan Oosterboer took these photos in the Waalhaven portion of Rotterdam harbor.

0aaaa1verder slopen-0917

Tugboat Viking barged these parts to Waalhaven  on July 2.

0aaaa1VIKING, Waalhaven-0854

0aaaa2boeg BALTIC ACE-0834

Can you recognize the make of car?


0aaaa4schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-P1410872

0aaaa5schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-874

0aaaa6schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-0826

0aaaa7schroot van de BALTIC ACE-, Waalhaven-P1410902

Click here to see this model out of the water but in workable condition.  The automobiles were Mitsubishi, 1414 of them.

Thanks to Jan Oosterboer for these photos, sent by Fred Trooster.

You might remember the story of the tragic sinking . . . December 2012 and the immediate aftermath.  Baltic Ace was only five years in service and part of a huge fleet. The MOL Ace’s often serve the sixth boro as well, as seen in the top photo from a tugster post here from three years ago.

0aaaaboeg BALTIC ACE, Waalhaven-0928

Here’s the story of these photos, taken by Jan Oosterboer via Fred Trooster.  I leave the account in the machine-translated English:  “Friday morning June 19, 2015 is about 0600 hours, the tug VIKING with the SMIT BARGE 2 the Waalhaven entered. The SMIT BARGE 2 is loaded with the bow of the wreck of the BALTIC ACE. The BALTIC ACE came on December 5, 2012 in collision with the containership CORVUS J. The BALTIC ACE sank immediately. Of the 24 crew members, survived 13 the accident. The wreck of the autotransportschip BALTIC ACE is about 65 kilometers from the coast of Goeree-Overflakkee.”

0aaaa3boeg BALTIC ACE, Waalhaven-0954

0aaaa4boeg BALTIC ACE, Waalhaven-0957

0aaaa5boeg BALTIC ACE, Waalhaven-0961

This photo is flipped. . .

0aaaa6boeg BALTIC ACE, Waalhaven-0962

0aaaa7boeg BALTIC ACE, Waalhaven, foto vanaf de Pannerdenstraat-00980

. . . as is this one.

0aaaa8boeg BALTIC ACE, Waalhaven, foto vanaf de Pannerdenstraat-00980


Thanks to Jan and Fred for these photos, which I find very moving.

Please contact me if you have photos of the recent raising of  Sea Bear.

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