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Happy 2020, so let’s go a decade back, and see a selection of photos from January 2010.

Ross Sea escorts Rebel eastbound past Atlantic Leo in the KVK.

Lucy Reinauer, bathed in morning light, approaches Howland Hook in the AK.

Miss Gill and Lucky D head for the smaller Bayonne Bridge and Goethals Bridge, off to the west.

Athena is way out of Block Island Sound, here doing winter work in the sixth boro.  Little did I know back then that I’d soon be taking my first ride to Block Island aboard Athena.

North Sea is on the hard in Kingston NY.

My favorite winter harbor fishing vessel passes Robbins Reef, leaving

the rest of the fleet farther to the NE in the Upper Bay.  Note how different the skyline of lower Manhattan was then.

Doris escorts a tanker into the KVK.

Davis Sea crushes her way into the Rondout with a load of heat.

It was, as all these “retro sixth boro posts,” only a decade ago, but so much has changed.

All photos in January 2010 by Will Van Dorp.  Happy 2020.


In less than half day from this writing, March will arrive.  Since I hope for t-shirt mildness by end of March, I’m counting on the month to arrive  . . . like a large feline:  lion plus whatever synergy comes from compounding with year of the Tiger.  (For the record, the tiger portion of that synergy frightens me most.)  As peace offering then, I dedicate this post to the large felines.  The foto of Sea Lion below comes from 2006;  I haven’t seen this 1980 tug in a while.  Anyone explain?

Feline connection with Half Moon?  Some of the hawses, like these two, are

framed by red felines . ..  line lions, I suppose?

Atlantic Leo

Onrust has as figurehead a growling lion today, but this foto from a year ago shows the about-to-hatch beast pre-blond, actually natural wood tones.  More Onrust soon.

Growler . ..  that could be a lion reference.

Eagle Boston, escorted by McAllister Responder, shows registry as Singapore, from the Malay Singapura meaning “Lion City,”   although the namesake was probably a tiger, not a lion at all.  So we should call that nation Tigrapura?

From the platbodem armada headed north on the Hudson last summer, farther is Danish Naval Frigate Thetis, but nearer sailing vessel is Pieternel, registered in the Dutch town of Beneden-Leeuwen (Lower Lion).

Notice the claws hanging from the bow of tanker Puma.

And thanks to my poor eyesight, it’s easy to see the lettering on the Evergreen vessel forward here of Tasman Sea as Ever Feline.  Can’t you make it out?  Squint a bit and it’s skewed as daylight . ..  Ever Feline, also registered in Tigrapura.

All fotos by will Van Dorp, who’s hoping for t-shirt weather and a dip off Coney Island in exactly 31 days.  Anyone care to join in . . .  a Patty Nolan bikini?

Previously I called this type of post “full frontal.”  a set of posts in which I try to see ships/boats a little differently.  What I mean is related to this:  ask a non-artist to draw a a ship or boat and most of the time you’ll get a frontal image, even if it’s a stick figure.  Ask that same person to draw a house,  … same result . . . frontal, a facade.   Ask  him or her to draw a car or train or ship, it’ll be a side view.  Why is that?  Maybe you have some idea, but I don’t.

Guess the vessel facing you below?  From this angle, it gives me the illusion of having an open mouth.  You’ve seen it before here.  Answer at end of post.  By the way, the shore structure on the far left of the foto is Staten Island September 11 memorial aka “postcards” designed by Masayuki Sono.

I love the rich orange in Atlantic Leo as she gets pivoted by Miriam Moran and Lee T. Moran.

Franklin Reinauer, slightly be-fogged.

Davis Sea leaves a few minutes of ice-free water in its wake as it approaches Kingston.

Golden Venus suggests a tight-wire act, using equal portions of the Bayonne Bridge to port and starboard to maintain balance.  Now why would this be called “golden” Venus, and wouldn’t several somewhat conflicting sets of associations come to mind if it were called “blue Venus”?

Nevska Lady approaches oil docks in Bayonne, escorted by  Kimberly Turecamo and Laura K.  Moran.

Here’s a three-quarter view of the mystery tug at the top of this post . . ..  why it’s Odin, of course.  I’m so glad I’ve now seen Odin from the head end.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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