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Unrelated for starters:  Watch nytugmaster travel the entire East River in under four minutes!  Love it.  Do more, Capt Brucato of Nicole Leigh Reinauer.  A second thought on that:  not only is it related to what I try to do, but it does something so much better than I can.  Bravo!

These really are random, taken Sunday and Wednesday this past week.  Some, like Morgan Reinauer, push water, chasing fish into range of the egret;


Caribbean Sea pushes sand past boxes that may contain vital imports like plastic beach toys ;


and then there’s this mash-up with Gramma Lee T Moran, Irish Sea, and Seacrown . . .


made even more congested if you add Apostolos and Margaret Moran in foreground.


By the way, Irish Sea is ex-Clipper.  I’ve not seen much of Irish Sea in the sixth boro.  I wonder where it has been.

Speaking of my favorite boro, lots happening:  Onrust has already arrived for tonight’s “blessing of the fleet.” Here’s a description of said blessing from the organizers:  “When you pass the orange buoy, you will be blessed by the spiritual leaders.” I wonder if this works with any orange buoy.  And what does one do to get the blessing of the spirits themselves?

River Day begins tomorrow;  I say that day “begins” tomorrow . . . because it lasts a whole week as in “The final day for River Day is Saturday, June 13.”  Long day!

Next week June 13 from 6 through 9 Portside holds a fundraiser to promote their mission of hosting visiting vessels (tugs, historic vessels, charter and excursion boats, government boats of the FDNY, NYPD, USACE, DEP, NOAA, and more. It all happens at Brooklyn Lyceum.  Tickets are $50, raffle on site.  An online auction offers a wide array of things and experiences (like a dinner with Bowsprite and your truly.  Tickets to fundraiser here and more info here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Finally, check out my other blog . . . Henry’s Obsession, the projected thoughts of the troubled master of the original Half Moon, illustrated by the inimitable Bowsprite.

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