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Identity and ownership or affiliation can be read from vessel stacks.  Seeing the photo below with the gray, blue, and gold rings over a white stack . . .  you might know that could be only one of two vessels, USNS Comfort, which it is, or USNC Mercy.  Other USNS or Military Sealift Command vessels have appeared here on this blog.

CMA CGM Thames is one of many large (1100 to 1200′) container vessels in the world’s fourth largest container shipping company.  No vessels from the two largest container shipping companies are shown in this post.  Do you know what these companies are?

Hansa Meersburg is a much smaller containership, less than 600′,  that appears to run a feeder route between the Caribbean, Canada, and New York.

Seatrade has their “colour class” vessels, only slightly longer than 600′ but they offer lots of reefer capacity for round-the-world trade.:

This is a tug . . .  Andrea, recently re-logo’d from HMS to Centerline Logistics.

Mr Connor counts as an exotic, a Marquette Transportation Offshore vessel.  Another Marquette vessel that’s called here is Miss Emily.

Cosco has a number of 1200′ container vessels calling in the sixth boro, this one being Hope.  Moore on this huge conglomerate can be found here.

APL expands to American President Line, Ltd, a company that can trace its history back to before the Civil War.  Currently is a Singapore register company, part of the CMA CGM group.   Confused yet?    Yang Shan is a deepwater port, an island off Shanghai, created since the year 2000.

The BW Group, begun in Hong Kong,  is involved in many aspects of the energy trade.

SCF expands to Sovcomflot.  Victor Bakaev was Soviet Minister of the Merchant Marine from 1954 until 1970, and more.

Fairchem Endurance

And let’s end this post with Hyundai Merchant Marine vessel Hyundai Hope.

All photos recently by WVD, who hopes you notice some patterns here.



Big sky and small ship?  Actually it’s among the largest ships currently serving NYC, at 1063′ loa, or almost 2.81 times loa of Peking and 3.3 times the beam.


Actually, Hyundai Jupiter is the first of HMM’s “Earth-series” that I’ve gotten any sort of photo of.  My recent attempt of Hyundai Pluto was lost in the snowstorm a few weeks back.  As of this writing, Pluto is off western US, Mars is off western Mexico, Saturn … off western Korea, Neptune … traversing Tsugaru Straits, and Hyundai Earth … between Madagascar and Cape of Good Hope.


She’s among the biggest in the port, 1062′ x 155.’




Other ships calling recently include Bow Jubail, here assisted by


Turecamo Girls.  By the way, did you even notice the assist tugs on Hyundai Jupiter above?


Shrike loaded scrap,


APL Yangshan and Hamburg Sud Monte Rosa transfer boxes, and


Polaris waits at anchor.


To return here to the tugs visible on the Hyundai ship, they were Robert E.  and Erin.




Invisible but assisting on the starboard side was Ellen.  And as of this writing Hyundai Jupiter has tied up in Norfolk, doing a steady almost-20 its much of the way.

All photos by Will Van Dorp.

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