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Seasons transition like spring into summer, moons wane and wax, and fleets change hands and trigger renaming . . . sort of like Nieuw Amsterdam overwritten with New York or Spitzer signs hastily replaced by Paterson ones at state projects. The paint’s probably dried on most of these boats. The ex-Heidi rumored to become Siberian Sea had served the Queen M2.

Annabelle was here in April, and the great Emma . . . don’t know what’ll become of her.

To better grasp her size, see the four crewmen. Maybe make her Atlantic Sea.

Brandon possibly turns into Solomon Sea.

Brandon again . . .

Vivian transitions to Caribbean Sea, with Meredith C (not spelled Sea) Reinauer in the background.

and Francis becomes Aegean Sea.

I’ve read on a discussion board that only a few sea names remain, but NOAA would disagree even without straying into fiction. All fotos . . . Will Van Dorp unless otherwise attributed.

Unrelated . . . altho this  is an unfortunate transitioning story, check out Mage’s UrbanArchology blogpost here.

County that is, or Terrace. Westbound, Barbara E. Bouchard enters Newark Bay, taken March 30, 2008.

and a few minutes later Annabelle V. (I think) Roehrig leaves it. In the near background are bankside buildings of the west side of Bayonne, NJ. Tall recognizable buildings from right to left are the Goldman Sachs Tower in Jersey City and, of course, the Empire State Building. In the foreground stand remnants of docks at Shooter‘s Island.

I work over on the other side in Elizabeth, between the big church and the courthouse


I see plenty of this yard from the other side during the week.

Photos, WVD.

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