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Here were 1 and  2.  Atlantic Salvor out front and Sarah Ann as steer boat make a working pair moving dredging spoils out for dumping at sea.

Here Salvor communes with itself in glassy morning KVK water.

Kristy Ann collaborates with Laurie Ann Reinauer to get RTC85 off the dock at IMTT Bayonne.

A pair of deckhands ride the huge pair of knees on Discovery Coast.

A pair of Vane barges, Doubleskin 32 and 36 . . .

… moved by a pair of Dann Marine newcomers, Chesapeake Coast and Discovery Coast with Seto Express on the far side.

And quite the pair

they are!

A lucky pair of Finns no doubt see the yellow Stolt tanker in the distance as an angel.  I took the foto of Stolt Invention four days ago as it entered the sixth boro in the afternoon fog.   From Rick Old Salt’s blog today I learn that on May 10 . . . less than two weeks ago, Stolt Invention saved the lucky pair  in mid-Atlantic after their sailboat began taking on water.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Interesting but completely unrelated:  coal dredging on the Susquehanna?  Check this out of Bone In Its Teeth blog.

Also unrelated inquiry:  Does anyone remember/have fotos of the heavylift ship in NYC harbor  1997 taking away the floating jail Resolution?  I’d love to see fotos.


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