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As Aleksandr travels from port to port in Western Europe, he periodically sends photos like this one from Gdansk . . . Herkules is barely six months old . . . and doing what it was designed and built for.  These photos also show the global homogeneity of the shipping industry.

Ditto this photo of Svitzer Rota.  Notice on the cranes beyond Annaba and Wilhelm, ZPMC also built and transported most of the state-of-the-art cranes in the sixth boro–as is true of the last batch of cranes, I think to arrive here– and everywhere else.  Places that once made cranes, like Clyde Iron Works, no longer do.

Svitzer Rota and Vidar and the rest of these photos come from Bremerhaven, Europe’s fourth largest port.  Click here for a photo of Svitzer Vidar arriving in port on a heavy lift ship.

Svitzer is a Maersk company with hundreds of tugboats like this, and is certainly a strong argument for the Jones Act remaining in place.


Svitzer Mallaig and

Marken are both Dutch-registered and built in 2005.

Many thanks to Aleksandr, whose photos and drawing previously appeared here.

Let me clarify the title .  . all these photos were taken in Dutch waters by Aleksandr Mariy.  Jade is actually a German tug built in 2000.


Union Emerald–the tailing portion of this tow–is Belgian, 2005 built.


And in between, the barge is Dutch.


I like the lines of Veritas with a telescoping wheelhouse, but searches turn out empty.  Can anyone help out?


Friendship is 1942 built.


Thamesbank dates from 1992.




Amber II, previously called “camber,” was built in 2007.


Union 7 is a URS boat.  The company has roots going back almost 150 years. 


Many thanks to Aleksandr for these photos.

And apropos of nothing, I stumbled upon this boat Uranus while researching this post . . . a tugboat with dimensions of 244′ x 60′ x 8′ draft and with four engines adding up to more than 24,000 horsepower!!  Here she is.

Finally, if you are in the NYC area and have not yet seen Graves of Arthur Kill, join us for the 2 pm showing on Saturday at the St George terminal of the Staten Island ferry.


Below is a photo of State of Maine taken off Antwerp, Belgium,  on 12 July 2016 and used with permission.


Another recent visit to the sixth boro by an ocean academy training ship happened on July 19.


The photo above and below were taken by Lew.  Golden Bear is currently steaming SW 100 nm off SW Puerto Rico, headed home.


These photos prompted me to look up the location of Empire State, which should be headed home for the fall semester as well.  It was west of the Azores and headed west as of this writing.  Kings Pointer is home, but I think I caught a smudge of it on the Sound a little over a week ago.  Currently State of Michigan is headed south into the Soo, and earlier this month (5July), I saw her headed south past Wyandot MI toward Lake Erie . . .


so they’ve been around.   General Rudder— formerly known as Kings Pointer and other names–is headed SE in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve not seen her in Texas A & M livery.  And finally, TS Kennedy is in homeport, Buzzards Bay.

For the top photo, thanks to Ron Van Maanen via Aleksandr Mariy.  Golden Bear photos come from Lew.    And only the last one is mine.


Here are more photos from Aleksandr, taken on a canal between Middelburg and Vlissingen.    Ruurtje tows while


F-50 takes the stern as they move


the aluminum superstructure of a future Damen-built patrol craft on barge Risico 11.






Click here for another view of the tow.   Click here for a view of the Damen yard there.

Aleksandr sent me these photos about a month ago.  He took them on April 20 passing Vlissingen and headed generally northward.   And I’m somewhat stumped.  What does Flintercoral look like to you?


To me it looks like a new build, going elsewhere for completion.


Multratug 27 takes the bow and


Multrasalvor 3 at the stern.


So I guess here’s the story:  it was completed as a container vessel, and although it has a Flinter- name, Flinter- never took ownership because the yard had gone bankrupt beforehand.  It seems then that some time later, the ship was purchased by Necon, and  converted into a semi-submersible.  Necon, it seems, has only this vessel.  But why it was under tow a month ago is a mystery.

My experience with Flinter is from 2009, when Flinterduin brought the Dutch sailing barges to the sixth boro, and then Flinterborg picked them up in Albany and returned them to Dutch waters.

The same day, Aleksandr caught Smit Sentosa on its arrival from a one-month passage in from Capetown.


Many thanks to Aleksandr for these photos.  Previously his photos and drawings have appeared here.  Vlissingen (origin of the name of the NYC area called Flushing, settled in 1645) is a quite old port in Zeeland.

If you’re not sure where to place Cuxhaven, the image below may help.  Another clue is that in Cuxhaven inbound, you could choose either to make for Hamburg or for the Kiel Canal. All these photos come thanks to Aleksandr Mariy, whose drawing we featured here recently.


Wal was launched in 1992.  Dimensions:  101′ x 32.8′ x 17 and Gross Tonnage is 368.






Luchs, 1991, 95′ x 29.5 x 15.1 and GT 229.


Wolf, 1993, 105′ x 26.2′ x 17′ and GT 368.




Bugsier 15, 1991, 92′ x 29.6 x 15.1 and GT 239.



Bugsier 10, 2009, 108′ x 42.7 x 19.3 and GT 485.




Steinbock, 1977, 92′ x 26.2′ x 14.1′ and GT 213.


And Steinbock here is underway through the Kiel Canal.


Here’s more info on Cuxhaven.

All photos here come thanks to Aleksandr Mariy, to whom I am grateful.


Stuff changes.  You’ve heard that before.  And it always will.  Jeffrey Lin captures that in his way.

Aleksandr Mariy shows this in another way, which I’ve been trying to do with “second lives” posts. Here’s his set of drawings of what is today the tall ship Avatar, built in 1941, currently gearing up for the 2016 sailing season.  Thanks to these drawings, we see its previous lives going back to 1941.


Notice the hull stays the same.

av2Kotter AM-26 Nehim IV Ex-Kriegsfischkutter Shaded version


av3Kotter IJM64 Rony Ex-Kriegsfischkutter Shaded version


av4Kotter BU-152 Grietje Maria Ex-Kriegsfischkutter Shaded version


av5Kotter Deutsche Kriegsfischkutter 1942 1945 37mm


Thanks again for these to Aleksandr, who is a cadet at the Maritime Institute de Ruyter in Vlissingen (aka Flushing) NL. The namesake of the Institute is Michiel de Ruyter.

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