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Twenty years ago . . . 1998 . . .  I had a “weatherproof” film camera I used to create evidence of all the hiking I was doing, vistas I enjoyed, and camps I woke up in;  I lived in Haverhill MA, a three-hour shot up to the White Mountains Friday afternoon when I got off work.  One weekend, however, I chose to stay home to watch the end of the Great Race 1998, stage 13.

June 24, 2018 I drove up to Norwich NY for the lunch stop of stage 2 of this year’s race.  I’ve got lots more photos;  just tell me if you’re on board for a digression . . . random leaded gas vehicles, as an alternative title.

This year’s race is 2300 miles, Buffalo to Halifax.  Coincidentally, tomorrow (Tuesday, June 26) the lunch stop is at the base of the Auto Road at . . . Mt Washington, the peak of the White Mountains.  Tonight’s overnight is Burlington VT;  then Gardiner ME, Bangor ME, Bar Harbor ME, Moncton NB, Dartmouth NS, and finally Halifax on July 1.  For the schedule and official photos, click here.

Let’s do it this way:  enjoy the photos and guess the make and year.  Answers below.

#1 should be relatively easy, and hey . . . it’s used for towing.

#2   Part of the answer should be easy.

# 3 and in the background


#5 and in the background.


#7 with a little bit of politics.






Compare these cars to the ones in chugster 1–3.   These are the same machines but different politics.


  1. 1953 Dodge Power Wagon, and the local favorite . . . the Alfred State wrecker.
  2. 1936 Ford, and another NY state team.
  3. 1918!  American LaFrance speedster, a MN and ND team.  In the background, that’s a 1940 Ford from AL and GA
  4. 1948 Ford Sedan, with a ME team, and the car (not clear here) is festooned with a huge lobster, of course.
  5. 1929 Ford Model A speedster, from MI.  In the background, a 1932 Ford speedster.
  6. 1916 Hudson Super 6, from MO.
  7. 1937 Packard 1502, and another team from ME.
  8. 1929 Ford Model A, from VT.
  9. 1916 Hudson Hillclimber, from western NY.
  10. 1954 Chevy BelAir, from the end of the race . . .  Halifax.
  11. 1969 Saab 96 from VA.
  12. and the answer is on the plaque, lower left . . . 1927 Ford /Blue Bird bus.  There’s one in The Henry Ford that claims to be the oldest school bus in the US, but here’s another.  It’s powered by a 20 hp engine.

Let me know if you want one or two or three more batches.

Note:  One of the Race 2018 rules is that participation is open to vehicles built in 1972 or before.



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