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Really Random Tugs 18

Here was 17. All the photos in this post come from south of latitude 26 N.  You might recall the Foss tugs Lauren and Iver  delivering the crane to the sixth boro at the end of last month?  Then Lauren Foss traveled to Philly to pick up back haul?  Well about two days ago, Lauren […]

Really Random Tugs 17

This is the series for photos from all over. First, from Bob Stopper, who makes it his business to –among other things–document Erie Canal life up in the  county where I grew up, it’s  . . . can you guess what’s under all that snow? It’s a hibernating Grouper.  I’ve done more than two dozen […]

Really Random Tugs 16

Here was RRT15. All the fotos in this post come from my sister, who is currently making her way south along the Jersey shore heading into retirement aka Bahamas for Christmas.  In mid-August, they departed Muskegon, near where they took this foto of Samuel de Champlain in June 2011.   SDC was built in 1976 […]

Really Random Tugs 15

I’m in the sixth boro, but I have more fotos from the southern US, all by a friend who still wishes no credit.  So enjoy –for starters–a NY-built vessel with a New England name working the Neches River via Baltimore in east Texas . . .  Cape Ann. Signet Valiant (ex-Natalie Cole) in Mississippi . . […]

Really Random Tugs 14

This post still finds me in the southern hemisphere–for a while–but these fotos come from southern US, snapped by a friend who wishes no  credit. Stange looking Suwannee River? Some Crosby tugs . . . Leader, Divinity, Duke, Admiral. The only line of C-Tractors . . .  this one the 6. And finally, back to […]

Really Random Tugs 13

This NYPD officer of the peace got tugged right into a recent parade.  When that happens, you know all things could get downright disorderly. This last June post is a melange of Pegasus and Lehigh Valley 79 in a setting rays irritating my camera, Patuxent in the Philly dawn, Sea Hawk approaching the St. John’s Bridge, Patuxent […]

Really Random Tugs 12

Guess this tug?  This and alternate fotos here are taken by Seth Tane.  Answer follows. Joan Turecamo (1980 and one of the last tugs built at Matton in Cohoes)in the foreground.  Guess the one in the distance? Natoma . .  1976. Vessel in the distance earlier was Susan Miller, 1981.  I’m guessing the barge is […]

Really Random Tugs 11

This foto, and some others here,  comes thanks to Xtian, who had a question about a model he’s building a few weeks ago.  I hope someone can help.   This drydock foto shows Abeille Liberté , which assisted in the salvage of MSC Napoli five years back.  I’m guessing this is irrelevant, but “abeille” is the French word […]

Really Random Tugs 10

Ryba’s Tenacious (1960 Mississippi-built) in lower right, then barge Great Lakes with tug Michigan (1982 Wisconsin), and USCG Mackinaw (not WAGB 83 but WLLB 33). Durocher Marine’s tugs from near to far: Ray D (1943  ?), Joe Van (1905!! Buffalo, NY) , and Champion (1974 Louisiana). Barbara E. Bouchard (1992 Mississippi)  afloat and araised and dry.  Those props […]

Really Random Tugs 9

Maria J. Turecamo (1968)  and Hercules  (1961), side by side, and my psychic tells me Hercules may be about to set out on a long cold journey, over water.   Given the name, I’m inclined to wonder what Hercules 12 labors were/are and where on that list this journey fits. Scott Turecamo (1998) and Reinauer Twins (2011) wait with […]